Who Approved the Catholic Coup?

Well known historian, Victor Davis Hansen, recently published an article in American Greatness magazine entitled The Coup We Never Knew.  In his opening statement Hansen asks, Did someone or something seize control of the United States?” Throughout the article he continues to ask a series of valid and relevant questions like, “What happened to the U.S. border? Since when did Americans create a government Ministry of Truth? How did a virus cancel the Constitution? Since when did money not have to be paid back?”

Inspired by Hansen and in the spirit of his line of inquiry, GMC presents our own version based on the apparent coup d’état of the Catholic Church. Here we go:

Did someone or something seize control of the Catholic Church? Why have faithful priests teaching traditional orthodoxy been canceled by their superiors? When did being a pro-life priest and the head of Priests for Life qualify you for laicization? Why do clergy members that continually spout heresy get promoted?

Since when would a high profile monsignor, who got busted for extensive use of a homosexual hook-up app, get reassigned to active ministry as a parochial administer? How did a Jesuit serial abuser of consecrated nuns get his excommunication lifted by the pope?

Who in the Vatican thought it was a good idea to display nativity scenes that featured a statue of a scantily clad man or others with space suits? When did the traditional and reverent depictions of the Holy Family, angels, shepherds and wise men go by the wayside?

Since when did taking an experimental gene therapy that used cell lines of aborted babies become a moral responsibility and an act of love? When did clergy members become medical experts on vaccines? Who gave them the authority to close our churches during the pandemic?

Why is protecting the climate suddenly more important than saving unborn children from the scourge of abortion? When did destroying the environment become a sin? How does the pope know the earth is reaching a breaking point due to climate change? Did he receive a private revelation?

Whose idea was it for the Vatican to host a pagan ceremony in their gardens during the Amazon Synod?  Why were pagan idols allowed to be displayed in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome? Who approved a poster of a topless indigenous woman breast feeding a rodent to be exhibited at Santa Maria Traspontina Catholic church?

Since when can German bishops rewrite Catholic doctrine and not be in total schism? Why are Catholics who follow the truth set forth by Jesus Christ and two thousand years of tradition being accused of committing sins by “looking back.”  Faithful Catholics are beginning to wake up to from this nightmare, from a coup we never knew.

A troubling report that came out after the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI may hold the answer and provide some of the identities of the orchestrators of this coup. According to LifeSite News, a retired Italian general, Piero Laporta, who turned Catholic writer claimed that a US intelligence official from the NSA bragged to him that Benedict would be “forced” to resign. Laporta also claimed there is, “a great Roman circle that is still active today.”

This doesn’t sound too unbelievable when one considers the leaked emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Podesta’s emails were released through a Wikileaks dump. A February 10, 2012 email to Podesta from an activist named Sanford Newman had the following in the subject line, “opening for a Catholic Spring?” To which Podesta responded, “We created Catholic in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this.” Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good had been funded by George Soros and was shell organization created solely to promote all kinds of leftist causes.

Pope Benedict announced his resignation on February 11, 2013 (almost one year to the day of the Podesta email) and officially resigned three weeks later on February 28, 2013. We may never know the full extent of the treachery of the Vatican insiders working hand in hand with high-ranking US governmental officials and the cabal of 501c3 organizations that have wreaked cultural havoc on our society. May God continue to encourage and protect those seeking the truth to help uncover this dastardly scheme – the coup of our beloved Church.

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