Authority is Given to Serve

Thirty-First Sunday-A Jesus addresses the crowd in today’s Gospel, telling them what the abuse of authority looks like. He uses the Pharisees as an example of how those given authority can quickly be perverted by a false sense of worth due to their lofty religious titles. The authority vested in an individual can be an … Continue reading Authority is Given to Serve

The Whole Law Depends on Just Two Commandments

Thirtieth Sunday-A The Gospel for this weekend depicts another encounter with Jesus and the Pharisees regarding fundamental precepts of the law. As in previous conversations, the Pharisees proved they were not so much interested in being enlightened as in catching Jesus in contradictions. One of those present with the Pharisees in this passage was a … Continue reading The Whole Law Depends on Just Two Commandments

Believe in Jesus and See Again

Fourth Sunday of Lent-A The Gospel story this week comes from St. John about the man blind by birth-given sight by the healing power of Jesus. It is often helpful to tap on the vast tradition of the Church and her experts to draw out a deeper meaning about this miraculous story.One such master is … Continue reading Believe in Jesus and See Again

Fifth Sunday of Lent-C

Woman Caught in Adultery Jesus was asked by the Pharisees a moral question about a woman caught in adultery. What might you say? Have you ever been a victim?  Have you ever been harmed or unjust words and actions leveled against you?  Have you ever thought or audibly commented what just happened to you is … Continue reading Fifth Sunday of Lent-C