The Whole Law Depends on Just Two Commandments

Thirtieth Sunday-A The Gospel for this weekend depicts another encounter with Jesus and the Pharisees regarding fundamental precepts of the law. As in previous conversations, the Pharisees proved they were not so much interested in being enlightened as in catching Jesus in contradictions. One of those present with the Pharisees in this passage was a … Continue reading The Whole Law Depends on Just Two Commandments

Seventy Times Seven

Twenty-Four Sunday-A The first reading on the twenty-fourth Sunday from the book of Sirach is the source for much of this reflection. This book of the Old Testament is not acknowledged by Protestants but is viewed by Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Churches as a reliable and canonical text. The theme of Sirach is an ethical … Continue reading Seventy Times Seven

Start Feeling 100% Again

The Dynamic of Reconciliation The story about the small tax collector named Zacchaeus who climbed a tree to see Jesus as he was passing through Jericho, is the focus of our reflection this weekend.  As with all stories in which Jesus personally encounters an individual, the slightest details make a huge difference. The Scripture describes … Continue reading Start Feeling 100% Again

Fifth Sunday of Lent-C

Woman Caught in Adultery Jesus was asked by the Pharisees a moral question about a woman caught in adultery. What might you say? Have you ever been a victim?  Have you ever been harmed or unjust words and actions leveled against you?  Have you ever thought or audibly commented what just happened to you is … Continue reading Fifth Sunday of Lent-C