Goodwill and Generosity

All the Christmas gifts have now been opened and the luster and glee of those items a bit worn off, the world is telling you that  it’s time to forget the Christmas season and start getting back to work. There is no argument here that Christmas can’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean that all … Continue reading Goodwill and Generosity

The Hope a Newborn Baby Brings

There is something so extraordinary about the birth of a new born baby. Any mother knows the flood of love that engulfs her entire being when she first holds her baby, gazing tenderly down upon the helpless bundle before her.  She has a love so pure and complete it has no conditions, no limitations, and … Continue reading The Hope a Newborn Baby Brings

Christmas is More than Just a Day

With only a few days before Christmas, plenty of folks are quite busy getting ready to host family and friends and complete the final tasks necessary to enjoy the day.  As 2022 unfolded, the relentless stream of bad news streaked across television screens, internet sites and radio speakers. It’s a lot to take in and … Continue reading Christmas is More than Just a Day

Our True Longing Hidden

All around signs of Christmas are sprouting up. Trees are being decorated and outdoor lighting is illuminating neighborhoods as the days grow shorter. Stores and the internet remind people that Christmas is coming soon. Christmas parties are already being celebrated a full month early and will continue as the countdown to December 25th draws near.The … Continue reading Our True Longing Hidden