Christmas is More than Just a Day

With only a few days before Christmas, plenty of folks are quite busy getting ready to host family and friends and complete the final tasks necessary to enjoy the day.  As 2022 unfolded, the relentless stream of bad news streaked across television screens, internet sites and radio speakers. It’s a lot to take in and at times, becomes a bit overwhelming. Christmastime is a good time to turn your focus away from the daily mayhem and spend quality time with those whom you love.   

Throughout the year, Good Moral Compasses has given expert analysis as the stories broke showing the immorality of many trends infecting the culture and society. Christians need to be made aware of those caustic developments so they can join the fight against good and evil. The news stories of 2022, will be displaced by new ones in 2023, and there will be ample time to address them as the new year begins.     

In a few short days, Christians will celebrate Christmas, not just as a day, but as a season taking time to reflect deeply on the historical and spiritual significance of how the Word became flesh. How sad it is, when Christmas trees devoid of ornamentation are ceremoniously condemned to the rubbish heap the day after Christmas. For those who advocate that type of house cleaning, Christmas is only a holiday with the emphasis on “day”, much like the Fourth of July, Halloween or even Thanksgiving.

Christmas is more than just a day or holiday because the Christian not only celebrates the time in which the Savior was born into time and space, but also the ramifications of the Birth of Christ have for all of us. The additional stories during the Christmas season about the death of the Holy Innocents and the Epiphany for example, happen after Christmas day and are pivotal to understand more fully how God condescended himself to be like us in everything but sin.    

In the spirit of Christmas as a season and not just a day, Good Moral Compasses will dedicate the next couple of weeks on short reflections about the Birth of Christ in history and how this event is ever present in your life, if you take the time to see it. Once the fervor of Christmas day has passed, hopefully you will have some free time, spend it enriching your soul by pondering more deeply the great mystery of the season we celebrate.   

During this holy season, open your doors to family and friends and then commit to opening your hearts to know God a little bit better by spending time praying and reflecting about the baby who was born in a stable over 2000 years ago.

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