The Lust for Power has No Bounds

The recent midterm elections have been devastating for the pro-life movement. California, Vermont, and Michigan all had propositions on the ballot that have now enshrined abortion into their state constitutions. In both Kentucky and Montana, measures aimed at limiting abortion were also struck down.

 Michigan’s Proposition 3, euphemistically called Reproductive Freedom for All, which passed with a 57%-43% margin, no longer requires parental consent for a minor seeking an abortion. Simply put, a school employee or other adult (including an abuser who impregnates a child) could ostensibly help a girl procure an abortion without her parents’ consent. In addition, Proposition 3 also allows minors in Michigan to participate in sterilizing transgender procedures without parental consent.

But that’s not all. This amendment also allows abortion up until the moment of birth – not just to protect the physical health of the mother but also her to protect her “mental health” meaning that a late term abortion could be performed for just about any reason. The amendment also does not require a licensed physician to perform the procedure, so now anyone in Michigan can set up a “clinic” and will be shielded from the consequences of injuring or killing a woman seeking an abortion.  

Did the residents of Michigan really vote for all this? It seems inconceivable that even middle of the road people who are self-described as ‘pro-choice’ voters would actually approve of the lax standard of care and the accountability of providers if things go terribly wrong. Do Michigan voters support a total lack of parental consent for medical procedures for their children? These both seem to be a bridge too far. Has our culture really fallen to these depths?

In the run up to this election, National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast an audio clip of an abortion on November 3rd that was conducted in a Michigan clinic including the background sounds of a vacuum sucking out the unborn child and of a woman in obvious physical and emotional distress. The NPR reporter responsible for this atrocity, Kate Wells, also told stories of despair including abusive fathers, poverty and overwhelmed mothers who saw no other way out than to destroy their unborn child. This was a brazen propaganda attempt to not only normalize the abortion procedure itself, but to sway voters using a highly charged emotional plea.

What is also puzzling about the recent results is that the issue of abortion nationwide ranked well below inflation, the state of the economy, crime, the border crisis and other pressing issues. The majority of Americans, even the pro-choice ones, favor some form of regulation to at least keep the women (if not the child) safe. So why did these radical measures pass?    

It is not a far stretch to think that the billionaire donors, lobbyists and politicians who advocate for the destruction of an unborn child are above any other form of treachery like lying, stealing or cheating to achieve their goals. The Gateway Pundit has reported that the Michigan race for governor showed the classic huge ballot drop anomalies that we all saw during the 2020 presidential election. The pre-election polls were showing republican Tudor Dixon and democrat incumbent Gretchen Whitmer in a statistical tie. At one point during the election, the race was too close to call and then all of a sudden Whitmer, who had been a tyrant and highly unpopular during the pandemic, takes a commanding lead?

Prior to the midterms, Muslim parents in Dearborn, MI displayed their disapproval for the radical democrat agenda and shut down a school board meeting over highly sexualized LGBTQ books. But in spite of this, LifeSite News recently reported that democrats have taken full control of the Michigan legislature for the first time in forty years.  Michigan’s economy, which relies heavily on tourism, has seen first-hand the effects of the failed democrat policies. Does it make any sense that the voters of Michigan would reward the party that has enslaved them and sexualized their children?

What is crystal clear is that we are fighting those elements in our own government who actively seek the destruction of unborn children in the womb. Their lust for power and control knows no bounds and they will stop at nothing to continue the slaughter of innocents. Please pray for the people of Michigan as their state will now become the Midwest’s new haven for late term abortion and transgender surgeries.

We all have to up our spiritual game. It is only through prayers and fasting that Satan and his demons can be cast out. Sitting on the sidelines waiting for a “red wave” or some other political intervention is no longer sufficient. We are in a spiritual battle the likes of which many of us could never have imagined. And yet, you were born for these times. With the intercession of St. Michael, the Archangel, and by the power of God, Satan and all his evil spirits who wander throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls will be thrust into hell – exactly where they belong.

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