Words Used as Weapons

In an instructive video on Prager U, Michael Knowles (conservative talk show host) makes the case that, “Whoever controls the words controls the culture.”  Knowles is not making an outlandish statement or stating some “conspiracy theory,” but rather is drawing on the history of the Marxist playbook which wishes to change cultures and political landscapes.

Interestingly enough, the term political correctness originally comes from the 1917 Russian Revolution. The Communists coined this phrase to make sure party loyalists did not speak the truth, which would be politically incorrect, and instead upheld the party line in spite of the obvious starvation of the Russian people and forced Siberian labor camps. It’s a major feature of all communist regimes to reject the truth and instead spread outright lies and propaganda.

In our own country beginning in the 1990’s, the practice of using euphemisms is an attempt to define something which is less than flattering into something much more palatable. You may recall some of these examples from the past:  a person who wasn’t very tall was now defined as vertically challenged; a spendthrift was a negative saver; if you were clumsy, you were uniquely coordinated; if you were lazy, you were motivationally deficient; any failure was just seen as deferred success.

From the humorous beginnings of this cultural phenomenon into the American culture, the new culture of euphemisms opened up an opportunity for the radical Marxist left to redefine words better suited to their liking. Christmas was replaced with the word holiday. An illegal alien was now to be known as an undocumented immigrant. Abortion became reproductive rights and then later women’s healthcare. A husband or wife was just a partner. A natural disaster like a tornado, flood or hurricane was now a climate change incident. Something that you did not agree with ideologically became hate speech. A riot was now considered a mostly peaceful protest as long as it promoted leftist ideals.

 We are now embarking into a totally new dystopian phase where the redefining of words are used as weapons. The left is not merely renaming words with silly catchphrases anymore, they are actively changing the actual definitions. We saw this first with the CDC when they edited the definition of the term “vaccine” on its website. Rep Thomas Massie (KY) outlined this transformation on his Twitter account. Originally vaccination meant preventing a disease; from 2015-2021 it meant providing immunity to a disease; and in the case of the Covid mRNA shots in September 2021, it meant offering protection from a disease. One would assume that the CDC is going to have to alter the definition once again as the efficacy of the jab has been shown to neither prevent the spread, acquisition or the symptoms of Covid-19.

Another major cultural change has occurred with the definition of the word “female.” For some unknown reason no one on the radical Marxist left seems to know what a human female is, including a newly appointed Supreme Court Jurist. To illustrate this, Merriam Webster just added another definition to the term female. According to the Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, female now also means, “having a gender identity that is opposite of a male.” This feeble attempt to appease identify confused people just doesn’t cut it. Hate to break it to you, but a man with the gender identity that is opposite of a male, is still a man. No amount of massaging the word female will ever change that undeniable fact. It’s called Biology 101 and Ketanji Brown Jackson and others apparently need a refresher course on the chromosomal makeup of a male.

Perhaps the most egregious new definition is the one the Biden administration is trying to now impose on the American people with the term “recession.”  In the past (and by that we mean one week ago), a recession was defined as two consecutive quarters with negative GDP growth. We are now officially in a technical recession as Q1 of 2022 posted a GDP of -1.6%, and the Q2 GDP was just announced at -0.9%. Truth be told, most Americans instinctively knew this already, as inflation has hit a forty-year high and many are struggling to make ends meet.

Unbelievably, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen when discussing whether the country is in recession remarked, “Most economists and most Americans have a similar definition of recession — substantial job losses and mass layoffs, businesses shutting down, private-sector activity slowing considerably, family budgets under immense strain. In sum, a broad-based weakening of our economy. That is not what we’re seeing right now when you look at the economy.”

Excuse me Janet. Have you not seen how many small businesses in communities all across America that are now closed? Have you not seen the dramatic increases in the price of rent, new homes, food and gas which are most definitely straining family budgets? Did you not see that Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell, raise the interest rate up 75 basis points which means it will cost more to borrow money? Of course, we are in a recession and your blatant weak denials and systematic change of the definition will not change that fact.

The radical Marxist left is now not even pretending to tell the truth anymore.  Recently Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, claimed our southern border with Mexico was “secure” despite the overwhelming number of migrants, gangs and fentanyl crossing into our country each day. Be on the lookout for the new definition of secure which the regime will now tell us means – easily able to be penetrated without any resistance.

Our home-grown communists in the Biden administration brazenly propagate outright lies and are also changing our very language that it would make Lenin himself blush.  In so doing they are, for now, winning the culture war. But don’t despair. Recall, who is the father of all lies? None other than Satan himself and our radical Marxist left ruling class certainly appears to be his spawn. Of course, they lie – don’t expect anything else as they are truly speaking in character.

And Jesus said, “You belong to your father the devil and you willingly carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks in character, because he is a liar and the father of lies.”  John 8:44  Also recall the promise of Fatima and that in the end, Mary’s Immaculate Heart would triumph. Let us all return to a sacred devotion to the Blessed Mother through the daily recitation of the Rosary as she requested, to help us beat back the darkness of this moment in time and dispel the lies of the devil.

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