You Will Own Nothing and be Happy

The World Economic Forum (WEF) which is the pet project of megalomaniac, Klaus Schwab, has made a rather mysterious demand of us all, “You will own nothing and be happy.”  This threat first came in the form of a promotional video made in 2016 posted on both their website and Facebook page, which has since been taken down. But the internet is forever and you can view a portion of this dystopian video at the 4:24 mark. Their Orwellian message goes on to say, “Whatever you want, you will rent and it will be delivered by drone.” If you believe this was a one off, the WEF also posted the following tweet, “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.”

The WEF is making good on their dark promises. Private car ownership is now on the chopping block as this organization is calling for the elimination of personal vehicles in favor of autonomous shared ones, and with that the freedom that comes with having your own car. What this really means in laymen’s terms is there will be a scarcity of the materials needed (cobalt, lithium, and nickel) to create the batteries for electric vehicles, so not everyone is going to get their very own Tesla. This reality is couched in communistic propaganda that sharing cars is in your best interest. After all there are too many traffic jams, vehicular deaths and pollution if everyone has their own car. The WEF even had the audacity to publish an article entitled, “Face it: you’re a worse driver than an autonomous car.” Tell that to the family of the woman killed by a self-driving Uber in Arizona, or the people involved in almost 400 automated vehicular technology crashes from July of 2021 to May of 2022. NPR published an article about this last month.

So, what is really behind this insanity?  Climate change of course, and the demand for critical metals needed to create renewable energy as the world transitions away from fossil fuels. There is an estimate to pull off this crazy scheme of net zero emissions that mineral mining will have to increase 500% by the year 2050.  Wait – I thought mining is bad. I am really having trouble keeping up, so here are a couple of clarifying questions for Klaus and the elites from Davos.

1.) Won’t mining for precious metals impact the environment? According to Earthworks, an environmental NGO, mining devastates the environment, “by doing irrevocable damage to the landscape, polluting water, and destroying communities.” How is this a win for your green initiatives? Seems to me like you are cutting off your nose to spite your global face.

2.) If the projections are that there will not be enough raw materials to produce the needed number of vehicles to meet the demands of the current population, why even consider shared vehicles as an option? Aren’t you setting yourselves up for a huge failure? You know, scarcity is never a good look and the poor and marginalized usually bear the brunt when there is not enough of something. Just ask the folks in Panama or Sri Lanka. I thought you guys were all about equity and opportunity. Has the urgency to save the planet overridden basic human rights?

Mohammed bin Salman and Saudi Arabia must have been confused too, so they have taken the whole “you will own nothing and be happy” thing a step further. They released a plan for a monolithic wall city called The Line where there will be no cars or roads. They claim everything you need will be within a 5-minute walk and drones will deliver needed goods to your doorstep.  Nine million people will be imprisoned, I mean housed, inside this 105-mile structure that is 220 yard wide by 550 yards high. This structure purports to save the planet. If you ever wondered how a termite lives, wonder no more.


What could go wrong with that many people trapped inside a multi-tiered building in the middle of the desert? The Line boasts of zero emissions, renewable energy and limited need for mining precious metals. Perhaps, but at what costs? Personal property rights, privacy, self-determination, and human dignity will be decimated – and news flash – no one will be happy.  And that’s the point. The elites are willing to sacrifice the rights of the common man all over the world to achieve their crazy green Utopia, as they live comfortably in luxurious mansions, drive their Tesla’s and fly around in private jets. This is how you know that these ideas are not based on virtue or goodness. These people are hypocrites at best and monsters at worst.


Their attitudes are based on a self-importance borne out of pseudo-intellectual pride. Instead of realizing how blessed they have been with great wealth and power, they use their influence to enslave the masses and create human suffering the likes of which we may have never seen before. Make no mistake about it, the elitist New World Order movement is anchored in the rejection of God and Christianity. WEF policy maker and mouthpiece, Yuval Noah Harari (an avowed atheist and homosexual), in his book Homo Deus argues that men can attain, “divinity.” He states the task of humans in this century will be, “to acquire for us divine powers of creation and destruction.”


And the destruction of the world as we know it is totally what their agenda is all about. We are at a precipice where our world will go one way, or the other. It is that serious. Regardless of which side wins this temporal spiritual battle, as believers of Jesus Christ, the final victory will be ours. Keep the faith, ground yourself in daily prayer, put on the full armor of God and take a stand against those who wish to dethrone our Lord and Savior. Viva Cristo Rey – Long live Christ the King!

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