What’s Really Happening in Ukraine

“The First Causality of War is the Truth,” Ethel Annakin 

If you are confused about what is going on right now in Ukraine, you are not alone. An enormous amount of propaganda is coming out from both sides of this conflict making it almost impossible to understand the Russian invasion and/or cultivate any kind of well-informed opinion on what is really driving the escalation of violence in Eastern Europe.

Media outlets worldwide have amplified phony viral clips pawning them off as real events. Examples include clips from a Star Wars movie and a video game called War Thunder; a chaotic scene from the Rome metro portraying Ukrainian refugees fleeing; a 2015 explosion in China mimicking a Russian bombing; and a photo of a Ukrainian beauty queen supposedly joining the Ukrainian resistance.  These manipulations are pure propaganda intended to create an intense emotional response.

If all this was not enough to make your head spin, Russia has accused the United States of operating bioweapons labs in Ukraine. The Under Secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing responded to a question asked by Marco Rubio in a shaky and inarticulate way that almost seemed confirm the claim, which was then totally dismissed by the White House the following day. To further add to the clown show we are living in, the White House then hosted a “National Security Briefing” for TikTok influencers so millennials can pontificate about serious topics like the war in Ukraine while they are rapping, dancing and sharing makeup tips.  No wonder everyday Americans can’t get any clarity as unfortunately there seems to be many more questions than answers and a thick smokescreen of propaganda is blurring our vision.  

To help understand the context of this conflict, we present a series of ten very curious Ukrainian connections which may in some ways be contributing to the current crisis. We present these entanglements for exactly what they are – use your own judgement to discern the possible reasons for this war. But it is interesting to note that these same individuals (Bidens, Clintons, Soros, Schwab) who have wreaked havoc upon our own country are deeply entrenched in Ukrainian politics. Is this a coincidence or by design?

  1. Hunter Biden sat on the board of a Ukrainian energy company called Burisma with absolutely no industry experience or expertise. From 2014-2016 Biden received $83,333 a month (1 million annually). According to the New York Post his income from Burisma fell to $665,000 in 2017 and $498,000 in 2018, substantially less after his vice-president father left office. Hunter Biden resigned from this position in 2019.
  2. In 2014 none other than Jen Psaki, who was then Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson at the State Department, was asked about the United States’ involvement in a Ukrainian coup d’état to oust the former democratically elected leader, Viktor Yanukovych, that was leaked to the press. Later when the color revolution actually occurred, the Obama administration was instrumental in setting up a new Ukrainian government with hand-picked replacements who were definitely not friendly to Russia.
  3. In 2015 a Ukrainian political analyst, Kateryna Smagliy, openly penned a letter, “Thank You George,” published by the Atlantic Council to recognize mega benefactor George Soros. In her letter Smagliy states, “In total, Soros hasprovided over $181 million in support of almost 17,000 civil society initiatives in Ukraine that were implemented by thousands of activists throughout the country.” This philanthropic donation has ostensibly been to promote Soros’ radical Open Society Foundation goals which advocate for a myriad of left leaning like ideologies like open borders, wealth redistribution, population control, defunding police, and climate change initiatives all under the guise of “promoting democracy.” According to journalist, Jack Posobiec, the Ukrainian AntAC (Anticorruption Action Center) media outlet is also funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Pro tip: It’s not a free press if someone with a radical agenda is paying the bills.
  4. In 2016, warmonger senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Amy Kolbuchar traveled to Ukraine and in a meeting with the former president, Petro Poroshenko, and frontline marines offering them unwavering support from the United States in their fight against Putin. Recently Graham has called for the assassination of Putin by the hands of his own people which is an irresponsible and inflammatory comment given the escalation of violence in the area.
  5. Ukrainian officials were actively boosting the candidacy of Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election while also trying to implicate Donald Trump in a so-called collusion with Russia.
  6. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2018 Biden admitted he refused to release any aid to Ukraine if a prosecutor examining his familial finances was not fired.
  7. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a card-carrying member of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) and credits Justin Trudeau with his entry into politics.
  8. In 2019 Trump was impeached over a phone call with Ukrainian president Zelensky regarding the request to share any information on the corruption of the Biden family.
  9. In January of 2022 Transparency International has rated the corruption in Ukraine as a ranking 122 out of 180 countries worldwide, so it is hardly a place where true democracy and freedom are cherished but is a place where global grifters like the Bidens and Clintons may feel at home.
  10. Last week, the Clinton Foundation has conveniently relaunched its global efforts after a five year hiatus citing such problems as climate change, the war in Ukraine and “democracy under assault.”

Ultimately it will be the innocent Ukrainian and Russian citizens who will suffer if this war continues. Still more victims around the globe will also suffer due to increased oil prices and  food shortages if supply chains are disrupted.

Pray  daily for peace. While the situation seems grim and  powerful people seem to be pulling the strings, the Blessed Mother told the world at Fatima that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph. In this promise we can all place our hope.

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