It’s All About Depopulation

If you have been wondering why so many seemingly unrelated agendas have been pushed simultaneously by the radical Marxist left and their minions in the mainstream media, wonder no more. Vaccines, green energy, abortion and the LGBTQ movements all have their roots in the depopulation of the planet. The United Nations has always been propagandizing … Continue reading It’s All About Depopulation

A Bishop’s Tweet Needs to Wake us from Slumber

(ed. Note: Elizabeth Laurel’s essay was written before the reports of the possibility of the existence of military biolabs in Ukraine. If true, the spokespersons for US government are actively lying while willingly breaking the treaty against the production of biological and chemical weapons.)Another Big Whopper- COVID VaccinesOne the biggest lies of all, the one … Continue reading A Bishop’s Tweet Needs to Wake us from Slumber