A Bishop’s Tweet Needs to Wake us from Slumber

(ed. Note: Elizabeth Laurel’s essay was written before the reports of the possibility of the existence of military biolabs in Ukraine. If true, the spokespersons for US government are actively lying while willingly breaking the treaty against the production of biological and chemical weapons.)

Another Big Whopper- COVID Vaccines

One the biggest lies of all, the one that has probably hurt the most people, has been that the Covid vaccines have been safe and effective. Originally the FDA requested a 75-year moratorium on the full release of the Pfizer BioNTech information including clinical trial data and vaccine ingredients. Thankfully Judge Mark Pittman denied this outrageous request and 10,000 pages of data were released last week in response to a FOIA request from the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. In all there are some 400,000 pages requested and approximately half of them will be released by August 1st of this year.

Among some of the reports currently released  are nine pages containing 1,291 possible vaccine side effects listed in alphabetical order in an Appendix-1 entitled, List of Adverse Events of Special Interest. Among the more serious side effects are acute kidney injury, cardiac arrest, deep vein thrombosis, liver injury, testicular autoimmunity, myocarditis, neuropathy, arthritis, and seizure. To think that an experimental drug that has this many known side effects was mandated by the federal government, multiple employers, colleges and universities is truly quite shocking. Needless to say, if the American public would have been privy to this list of potential side effects, many healthy people who received the jab, might have opted out and taken their chances of just getting Covid which incidentally has a 99% recovery rate.  The number of the permanently injured or killed might have been much lower with a smaller proportion of overall people being administered the vaccine.

Pfizer also hid the fact that the vaccines used fetal cell lines (HEK293T) in the lab for testing prior to production. Internal leaked emails have shown that they were trying to downplay this issue. A senior Pfizer director for worldwide research conveyed the following in an email, “We have been trying as much as possible not to mention the fetal cell lines,” and , “We want to avoid having the information on the fetal cells floating out there.” Nor did the FDA or CDC make any mention of the fetal cell lines used. This time, it is a lie of omission committed so as not to unduly influence or discourage any pro-life Christians to take a pause, stop, think and pray before agreeing to be vaccinated.

Bishop Strickland advocates for us to, “…pray without ceasing,” and this is vitally important, but he also encourages us, “… to use the brains God gave us,” to take stock of the situation we currently find ourselves in.  We must realize that almost everything we ever thought about the benevolence and altruism of government institutions was a really a lie. These institutions do not have our best interests at heart – in fact it now appears that they are trying to destroy the United States of America from within. 

To come to terms with this new tragic reality is not an easy proposition. It creates much cognitive dissonance and overall feelings of discomfort and discontent. One must also be humble enough to admit that you were naïve enough to be duped in the first place. You might also have to admit you didn’t do your research or used poor judgement when you backed a candidate that has now shown his/her true colors.  Sometimes it is just easier to ignore or excuse what is plainly right in front of you than it is to confront it.

But as the good bishop tells us it is time to, “Wake up!” from our slumber and challenge the demons head on before it is too late.  We live in a dystopian world where up is down, right is wrong, good is bad, and the truth is a lie. Let us continue to seek the truth no matter what preconceptions or presumptions are shattered. Better for us to know exactly what is the truth, than to live in the bliss of ignorance. 

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