Pfizer Admits What Many Already Knew


The Non-Vaccinated are Not Immoral After all

More and more of the truth is coming out about the COVID vaccine and the vindication of those who used their common sense and refused to be bullied into taking the inoculation. These people were publicly chastised and many lost their jobs because of the mandates. To add insult to injury, those who refused to take the shot were immediately labeled as ‘immoral’ human beings by the government and the Church.   Arguably the two most important institutions in American life were labeling the conscientious objectors as immoral persons hoping to guilt them into taking an unknown chemical into their bodies against their will.

During a Parliamentary hearing of the European Union on October 10, 2022, Janine Small, President of Pfizer International markets, was questioned about the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine to stymie transmission of the virus.  Robert Roos, a Dutch member of the EU parliament asked Small straight up, “Regarding the question around, um, did we know about stopping the immunization before it entered the market? No, heh,” she said. Small then attempted to clarify her question by saying, “Uh, these, um, you know, we had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market, and from that point of view we had to do everything at risk. I think Dr Bourla, even though he’s not here, would turn around and say to you himself, ‘If not us then who?’”

The term stupid should be rarely used, but in this case, it is most appropriate. What the heck does “moving at the speed of science” mean? The answer—nothing. When rushing to get the vaccine to the market, Pfizer did not spend one second on researching whether the vaccine would actually tamper down the transmission of the virus. The whole idea behind a vaccine is to make sure a disease doesn’t spread. No research at all, Small admitted, yet the world was turned upside down by sheer conjecture or an opportunity to seize control of populations by authoritarian leaders worldwide.

During height of the COVID madness, the Church seemed to find her voice on this apparent moral issue. Instead of supporting the rights and freedom of the person given to them by God, the opposite was true. Most, if not all, of the diocese across the country highly advised their congregations to receive the vaccine as a form of charity and for the common good.   A high ranking official and spokesman for the Bishop’s Conference stated, “Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine ought to be understood as an act of charity toward the other members of our community.” He went on to say, “”In this way, being vaccinated safely against COVID-19 should be considered an act of love of our neighbor and part of our moral responsibility for the common good.”

Three most egregious dioceses (Chicago, Lexington, KY, and El Paso TX) mandated their clergy, employees and volunteers to take the vaccine if they wanted to stay employed or continue giving personal service to the Church. The worst of the lot was Cardinal Cupich of the Archdiocese of Chicago who initially stated there would be only medical and not religious exemptions from his order. He later recanted on the religious exemption but quickly claimed the religious exemption did not apply to Catholics. The National Catholic Register published a remark made by an Archdiocesan employee stating, “If you are Catholic in Chicago, it is considered a ‘moral obligation’ to get the vaccine, as the vaccine is not to be considered morally questionable.”

How many lives were affected negatively by the US Bishop’s stance on the vaccine? Probably, no one will know, but there have been quite a few folks who have lost their livelihoods; created dissension in amongst family and friends; and were made to feel like sinners for not taking the shot. All because the bishops did not do their due diligence in finding out the real facts about the virus and the potential harm of the COVID vaccines. The moral authorities refused to acknowledge a person’s freedom and conscience as rights given to them by God alone when they proclaimed the vaccine was an act of charity. What they did do, is to simply believe in and follow the government narrative completely.  

No, the un-vaccinated are not immoral after all. Pfizer just fessed up to the truth and all those common-sense people knew it long ago.   

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