The Greatest Scam in World History

COVID Vaccinations Had Nothing to Do with Public Health

When it was reported that Joe Biden was infected with COVID after receiving two vaccines and two boosters even the most ardent water carriers of the vaccine propaganda began to question the efficacy of the shots. More information is now coming forward showing the fraud behind the messaging of world governments and the totalitarian demands placed on citizens to get the vaccine.

Dr. Deborah Brix one of the so-called experts repeatedly assured the American Public the vaccines were necessary for people to stay safe during the pandemic has now done an about face. Brix recently admitted the vaccines do not protect a person against the infection. In fact, she finally admitted 50% of the elderly who died from the Omicron variant were already vaccinated and boosted.

The infamous Dr. Tony Fauci with all his slippery language also had to finally admit the vaccines do not ‘overly’ protect against infection. Further, the apparent expert on all things Covid and vaccines admitted on air during a Bret Bair interview that the anomalies of woman’s menstrual cycle need more study.  Why wasn’t the study done first and the mandatory injection of many women done later?

Overseas, Christine Anderson a member of the European Parliament just stated, “The vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history. Moreover, it will be known as the biggest crime committed on humanity. Throughout the course of the COVID pandemic, Good Moral Compasses has consistently questioned the approaches of governments around the world to combat the virus as propaganda. Such falsehoods include:

  • Lockdowns, cloth masks and social distancing prevent the transmission of Covid
  • Vaccines (and multiple boosters) prevent the acquisition and spread of Covid
  • Covid vaccines are both safe and effective – especially for pregnant women
  • Natural immunity is less effective than a vaccine
  • Ivermectin is horse de-wormer

How did Good Moral Compasses know the propaganda was false in the first place?  No, we do not employ prophets in a traditional sense but do utilize men and women authors who can think rationally and have not been tainted by a “woke” culture.

These authors in writing their pieces used their God given intelligence to come to conclusions well before the fact. For instance, the story lines perpetrated by big governments were false on their face because each and every one of their recommendations were an affront to the basic principle of human freedom. Whether that be mandating the vaccine under the penalty of a job loss, to the speculative nature of an unknown chemical (vaccine) forced into the bodies of citizens rendering their freedom to decide what goes into their bodies mute.

Furthermore, the inability to attend a university along with the absurdity of the mask mandates and the harm inflicted upon the youngest of our society stressed credulity to the breaking point.  This type of mass indoctrination can never happen again and it won’t if the public follows some simply rules in determining their futures.

The first rule is to use your common sense. In the case of the COVID vaccine, pharmaceutical companies were given indemnity from the ill effects of their products. Your common sense tells you why the protection if the product is safe?  The answer is it can’t be safe if there are that many caveats to the vaccine.

Next, anytime a policy comes forward in the name of ‘health’ which destroys or impedes your human freedom, the policy is flawed in one way or another.  No ‘good’ thing takes away your human freedom to decide what is right for you, God gave the right and governments can’t take it away.

Finally, come to the conclusion the medical establishment does not have the answer to every human problem. There some things which cannot be completely fixed with a pill or a shot. What needs to be included in every person’s life is a connection with the Almighty and God will help you to make informed decisions and spot the evil which seems to be lurking in too many places.    

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