Is the January 6th Footage the Straw That Will Break Your Camel’s Back?

Your Government Has Proven time and time again to be Untrustworthy

It appears no matter how much evidence is revealed contrary to the government’s narrative, the hardcore leftists of the country are unable to acquiesce to some undisputable facts surfacing from events of the past six years. Mary Accipiter in her post, No Longer Capable of Seeing the Truth argued persuasively those who have turned away from God no longer have the ability to recognize the truth (meaning God is the source of truth) when it is right in front of them.

The post today is not directed to them, and as Accipiter pointed out, no sound reasoning will ever change their minds until they undergo some sort of conversion. The essay today is directed to those on the fence, or do not participate in partisan politics at all. They may be some spattering of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. It is to those who still have an open mind and some semblance of common sense that the releasing of the January 6th protest video should be the straw that breaks your camel’s back.

Recently, Tucker Carlson exclusively broadcasted the surveillance footage of the nation’s capital during the so-called insurrection on the day the Congress met to certify the 2020 election. What is clearly seen in the footage was a manipulation by the Democrats (who held both houses of Congress and the White House) and the media to spin a narrative beneficial to them. Case and point: The edited footage by the January 6th Commission depicted Republican Senator Josh Hawley fleeing from the protest. When the video was shown during the hearing, those in charge made it seem as though he was the first one out, when in reality he was the last to leave. There are many more instances on the footage which debunk the left’s argument. Of note is Biden’s claim and propagated by the media, that a law enforcement officer, Brian Sicknick was murdered by criminals. Another lie. The only person killed was by a Capital Police officer who shot and killed Ashley Babbitt. It is often the benchmark of the legal system to view a witness by the veracity of their testimony. The same should hold true for your trust in a government who repeatedly lies to its constituents.

Six years ago, the nation had to suffer through Russiagate which proved to be a falsehood from the start. After millions of dollars spent on investigating the hoax, the truth finally surfaced as a Democratic operation to attack the sitting President of the United States. Continuing to be obsessed by anything Russia, the news of Hunter Biden’s laptop as nothing more than Russian disinformation was told to the public even though it was a bald face lie. 

Both the Democratic and Republican Parties are Purveyors of Factually Untrue Statements

Then of course, is the motherload of all lies, the COVID pandemic. You were told the virus originated in a wet market when it was created in a lab in Wuhan, China funded by the NIH and run by Anthony Fauci.  Next, to suppress civil liberties your government told you more lies about the effectiveness of masks and how vaccines and boosters would provide immunity and the assurance of never getting the virus again, all of which were false.  The scientific reality of natural immunity was completed ignored or redefined causing many to lose their jobs, yet another example of the deceit.  

The fervor of the blue and yellow Ukrainian debacle is still another instance of how your government actively engages in deception. The government who wants to continue the war between Russian and Ukraine proclaims democracy needs to be defended in a non-NATO country where the foreign interests of the United States are at best, dubious. Democracy is a foreign word and concept to the Zelensky regime who eliminated nine opposing political parties. Zalinski further nationalized television news and banned the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  If that’s democracy, then totalitarianism must be the new democracy.  Without knowing, the public finally found out from Victoria Nuland’s testimony the United States has supported biolabs in Ukraine, the extent of which is still in question.

You will no doubt remember from the news, a portion of Nord Stream was damaged by an explosion in September 2022. The first falsehood perpetrated was to blame Russia for blowing up its own pipeline.  Any person with any intelligence would ask, why would Russia destroy a big source of their income? They would not and did not. A couple of days ago U.S. intelligence suggested a Pro-Ukrainian Group did the actual sabotage. Really, a gang of rag tag pro-Ukrainians had the wherewithal to dive into the frigid Baltic Sea and place explosives attached with a timer to go off sometime in the future when no one was around?   As Joe Biden is fond of saying, “Come on man.”  It is not a stretch to say the CIA is the  Pro- Ukraine group, because according to current US policy, they are.

How many examples are needed to convince the populace the federal and local governments no longer work for your best interests. The continued lies and falsehoods they feed to the public almost daily are to sustain and gain more power and money for themselves at your expense. There is nothing stopping the elitists and globalists to lie unless the citizens wake up and see how often they are manipulated. We are indeed living in evil times when lies and falsehoods take precedence over the truth. When is it time, or what needs to happen, when the straw breaks your camel’s back?

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