Impeachment Number 3

Trump’s Indictment Is All About Marxists Flexing Their Muscle

Typically, when a former President leaves office, his bully pulpit retires with him. It happened with George W. and Obama and with all their predecessors. Partly, it is due to the short attention span of the public and the editorial decisions of mainstream media outlets. Do not be fooled, politics is all about power and money. Retired Presidents who no longer wield power are no longer relevant or interesting to the masses.     

In the highly politicized world, the usual can be thrown out the window.  The media breaks its own rule and continues to spend a great deal of time reporting on former President Donald Trump. Two years after he left office, his name is still in many headlines.  Even though the majority of the reports are negative against him, the vast number of stories spoken and written about him is a phenomenon the country has never experienced.   Far from the few sporadic times the other Presidents have been mentioned in the news, Trump has broken the mold completely. The indictment of Trump and his appearance in criminal court today in New York will only increase the coverage.  

The political adversaries of Donald Trump, along with their allies in the mainstream media, have worked diligently to besmirch the name of Trump and his reputation while in office, hoping to take down with it the MAGA movement, citing folks who believe in America First are domestic terrorist and threats to democracy itself. Soon it became apparent Trump would not wilt in the face of the onslaught of verbal harassment, and the Democratic party upped the ante and moved to remove him from office by impeaching him. The first impeachment attempt was about the Russian hoax, proven to be a fictitious event and orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. The whole debacle of lying and underhanded tricks ultimately cost the American taxpayers between 25 to 40 million dollars only to prove the whole accusation was false. The public insistently heard about Russiagate and the supposed attack on electoral freedom from the mainstream media for two long years, supported by ongoing false statements made by prominent Federal agencies. When the attempts to remove Trump failed via impeachment, stage two of the takedown needed to be commenced.

It was not long before another unprecedented political attack would befall Trump. The second impeachment carried the charge of inciting an insurrection against the United States on January 6, 2020.  The second attempt to impeach Trump after he had already left office was also unsuccessful. There was more reporting about Trump than there was about the inauguration of Biden. Regrettably, the travesty of justice is still being played out with those charged and languishing in a Washington D C. jail.

Fast forward to today. Impeachment number three has begun with the arraignment of Donald Trump in New York.  Unlike the first impeachment which sought to remove Trump from office and the second one intended to prohibit him from running for office again, the third impeachment is all about tyranny. Although the Democrats and the mainstream media serve as the propaganda arm of the party, all efforts are focused on trying to stop Trump again for high office, that is only one of the reasons for this fiasco. Eliminating the head of the snake has always been the objective, but included in the wish is the desire to crush freedom-loving citizens who still believe the government should be accountable to the citizens instead of being subjected to it. A self-governed country of citizens is anathema to the Marxists now holding office.

The message is clear. If the ex-President can be subject to the humility of a criminal proceeding with dubious facts and charges, then what chance does the average person have against the power of a tyrannical government using the legal system as shock troopers enforcing the destruction of civil liberties and the protections afforded by the constitution?    

Hopefully, the third impeachment will go the way of the first two, and public opinion will adversely react to the misuse of justice. The media, by keeping Trump at the forefront of the news will help, good people come to grips with the corrupted justice system used as a political cudgel.  Good people also know the recent attack on Trump has never been part of the ethos of America in the past.  If the third impeachment succeeds, then the authoritarian and tyrannical government of the U.S. will have won yet another battle.

Pray it does not happen and pray for the country and the freedoms she once held dear.

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