America Rots– Xi Jinping Laughs

The Chinese Balloon is a Symbol and a Mirror of Our Brokenness

The Chinese balloon incident last week brings into focus, possibly like never before, the rot eating away at the American way of life. The reality of a wounded democratic nation surely makes the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) very gleeful. The Chinese brazenly launched a medieval military device from their homeland traversing over America with no response or opposition from the Biden Administration, until it was finally embarrassed by the public into shooting it down. Only then, was the Chinese balloon taken out by a single air-to-air missile  just off the coast of South Carolina. Heaven knows what information the Chinese military gleaned from the balloon’s incursion into our sovereign airspace, but to focus on that worry alone would be missing the greater and more important point.

The CCP has aspirations of becoming the world’s only superpower and their goal is apparently happening without one of their foot soldiers ever picking up a gun or listed as a causality of war.  As morally corrupt as the CCP is, they are smart enough to know any free society needs to be a moral and ethical if they want to be a self-governing nation ready and able to defend itself.  When ethics and morals begin to erode, the empty place left open is displaced with greed, corruption and debauchery. The CCP is patient and all they have to do is see the self-destruction of America happening in primetime. To test the theory, the balloon was no more than China dipping its proverbial toe in the water to test the temperature and resolve of the United States.  The temperature unfortunately seems to be fine, because the balloon had free passage across the whole country. The Chinese plan started when they seduced and manipulated U.S. business to invest in their struggling economy. 

America’s rot began years ago when CEO’s of major and minor companies sold out the American worker by pumping billions of dollars into the Chinese economy. The well known phone producer, Apple invested 275 billion in China from 2016-2021.  In 2017, General Electric inked a deal with China in the amount of 3.5 million, according to GE’s post. The list of American companies investing hard earned American investments in China is almost limitless. The disregard of ethics of U.S. companies started when they sold out the America citizen for their increased profit potential. It didn’t matter to these companies that the labor provided by China was slave labor, nor did the companies care they were exporting American employment overseas, decimating the country’s middle class.  All about profit and greed, the first sign of decay. And what happened to some of those investments? The CCP took their share of slave acquired profits and reinvested them in American real estate in the whopping amount of $6.1 billion in 2021.  As of 2020, the CCP has purchased 338,000 acres of U.S. farmland.

The business plan of placing profits over patriotism could never be fully achieved without the help of government officials and policies. So many of the politicians who come to Washington who are supposed to serve the people are instead serving the needs of their own pocketbook. Breitbart News reported on 20 Republican lawmakers who have benefited financially from dealings with the CCP. There undoubtably many more, these 20 were the only caught with their hand out.  

The Democrats are not exempt front the CCP gravy train either. Hunter Biden and the Biden syndicate received $31 million from the CCP laundered through some of China’s richest citizens.  Here again, too many compromised politicians to name. Unthinkably, government elected officials are bought and paid for by one of the world’s largest and vicious countries. Putrefaction is rampant amongst those in government feigning to serve the people.

Business and government are not the only aspects of America which is decomposing. The present social culture is to blame as well. When a good portion of the population disregards reality by claiming gender can be changed by just saying so; when racism is always used as a weapon against any one disagreeing with a politically charged ideology; when children are being abused regularly and killed in the womb; when forces try and dismantle families; when many get addicted to drugs to escape their lives; and, when individuals think they can look reality right in the eye and say it isn’t so– the culture is showing signs of advanced gangrene. Even the liberal HBO talk show host, Bill Maher now admits the culture is broken in his monologue, “New Rule: A Woke Revolution. (Note some language in his piece may be objectionable to some). 

The Chinese Balloon is not only a symbol of our nation’s illness, it also serves as its mirror. A free nation willingly abandoning moral principles cannot expect to be self-governing for long. Unless the ship is righted to include ethical and moral behavior as an absolute expectation of self-governance, then there will be no self-governance at all.

That prospect makes Xi Jinping and the CCP very pleased.  

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