American Complicity in Hamas’ Brutality

The Islamic Jihad Gains Strength Again with Taxpayer's Money

The recent invasion by Hamas from Gaza into northern Israel this weekend should be of great concern to all Americans because the Biden Administration’s foreign policy has aided bad actors to rear their ugly heads again. The reigniting of the turmoil in the Middle East is a harbinger that the Islamic jihad, tamped down in the past years, is now gaining strength thanks to Biden and the misguided notion of the left that Israel is some apartheid state deserving of such an invasion and brutality.  

Those sympathetic to the brutal attack on Israel are not only those linked through Arab bloodlines but also those leftists who think Hamas has every right to slaughter anyone because they have been systematically oppressed. Their new buzzword, “colonization,” is a false moral equivalent, insinuating that Hamas has the right to engage in savagery because Israel has unjustly treated them.  Human civilization has long answered this concern and instituted rules for warring factions that no country can abuse and kill women and children in their conflict. However, Hamas ignores these rules and is waging war against Western civilization by behaving as barbarians in violent attacks against the civilian population, especially women and children. In response to Israel’s defense, Hamas has vowed to execute hostages and broadcast the beheadings on television every time Israel strikes Gaza from the air.  

The leftist protestors refuse to acknowledge that Arabs living in Israel have more freedom and a better standard of living than their counterparts in surrounding Arab nations. The discrimination claim is a false narrative used by antisemites who believe Israel should not exist as a nation.

Besides the antisemitism found in academia and the left, Biden’s foreign policy has directly impacted the violence in the world. Good Moral Compasses has previously written about supporting the war in Ukraine by pumping billions of dollars of taxpayer money into the conflict instead of seeking means of peace.  Regrettably, many have perished during the Ukraine War, and many more will die because of the immoral foreign policy of the present administration.

If American interference in one conflict isn’t enough, the United States has indirectly contributed to the bloody war in the Middle East. To understand America’s complicity, the events surrounding the withdrawal from Afghanistan began the tragic events we now see in the Middle East.

About two years ago, Biden, against advice from military experts, unilaterally decided to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan. Without any foresight or a modicum of common sense, Biden left behind $7.12 billion worth of military hardware for the Taliban to use as they wished. With that many weapons at their disposal, the Taliban certainly supports their cause by selling these weapons to Palestine, which Hamas used to kill and injure Israelis. Future investigations will prove this claim to be accurate, and when proven without a doubt, America indirectly armed Hamas and possibly other bad actors in the region.

Adding to America’s complicity is the inconceivable move by the Biden Administration to rekindle the flawed Obama policy of pumping cash into the most significant terrorist country—Iran. Biden agreed to send $6 billion in ransom money to release 5 American hostages from Iran.  The Administration holds to the ridiculous contention that all the money sent to Iran can only be used for humanitarian needs. The position of the Biden Administration insults everyone’s intelligence. When incoming dollars are earmarked for humanitarian needs, it automatically frees up the terrorist government’s funds to bankroll terrorism throughout the region, which they have done.  The Wall Street Journal reports Iran was in cahoots with Hamas—more American complicity by Biden’s dubious foreign policy decisions.  

There is more. Biden’s obsession with the war in Ukraine led to another foreign policy blunder and complicity. The New York Times published an article claiming the Pentagon sent ammunition and other military hardware from a storehouse in Israel. The movement of armaments occurred only after Israel refused to send arms to Ukraine.  The transfer of military equipment by the American government has left Israel with a depleted arsenal. Even Democrats are calling for military aid sent to Israel—another example of the stupidity of American foreign policy.  

The invasion of Israel this weekend is not an isolated event impacting Israel and Hamas. Wars in different parts of the world affect the whole world. In the coming days, we may see a more significant conflict in the region, specifically with the Iran-backed Hezbollah group starting to rattle their sabers against Israel.  

Much of this could have been avoided without America’s complicity via Biden, its leader.  With two significant wars exacerbated by poor foreign policy decisions, the potential for future conflicts elsewhere is high unless there is a drastic change in how America allocates funds to other countries.  Moreover, the open border policy of the United States has weakened her ability to stave off a terrorist attack on her soil because we do not know if sleeper cells are waiting for orders to begin what they first started in Israel.     

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