Using the Hawaii Disaster to Send More Cash to Ukraine

Ukraine Needs Peace Talks, Not More Money

Last week, Virginia Clemm wrote Something Rotten in the State of Hawaii, questioning the government’s response to the worst fire death toll in American history. New evidence is coming to light that may answer some of the government’s apparent failures surrounding this tragedy and its connection with additional Ukraine funding.

When lawmakers return from their summer break, they will be met with the Biden Administration’s demand to send Ukraine another $24 billion over the $77 billion already sent since the conflict began.  With almost $90 billion of taxpayers’ money earmarked, there has been no talk about a peaceful resolution between countries or, for that matter, an accurate accounting of where the money is going.

A CNN poll suggests that most Americans are against sending more money to Ukraine, especially during the harsh economic times and the ever-rising debt the country will incur with the federal government’s out-of-control spending. The Biden Administration is aware Americans are losing their appetite to support the war in Europe. Nevertheless, a considerable amount of money will go overseas again, with plenty of political shenanigans to ensure its success.  It will happen as it usually does by sneaking the funding in a budget bill focusing on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) financial crisis and immigration. Not surprisingly, the present administration created both situations.

Kim Stossel of the Wall Street Journal supplies the evidence of the political maneuvering the Biden Administration is using to guarantee the $24 billion additional funds be sent to Ukraine.  She skillfully outlines how this will happen. It begins with the May 2023 budget talks, where Speaker Kevin McCarthy vowed to restrain the government’s spending. Subsequently, FEMA contended in May the agency would run out of money by July 2023. The funding of FEMA was not addressed this Spring, and in light of the Hawaii disaster, the lack of money for FEMA has gained the attention on both sides of the aisle. The projected bill to bolster FEMA’s budget includes $24 billion for Ukraine. If the Republicans block this move, Hawaii will not receive its needed assistance. Money to Hawaii means money to Ukraine.

If, by some miracle, the Republicans hold firm and refuse to send another 24 billion to Ukraine, then the Biden Administration is ready to blame them for not helping the people of Hawaii. The Federal government has only offered the victims of the Maui fire a mere $700 per household. The paltry sum and the lack of continued help is now the responsibility of the Republicans. The Democrats have again outplayed them, and political pressure will ensure continued money will flow into the corrupt Zelensky regime.

Those on the left would immediately claim any connection between Hawaii and Ukraine funding is a conspiracy theory. For those who propagated the Russia hoax, nothing is off the table. Common sense dictates far from being a conspiracy theory, the connection is not farfetched.  In a country as vast as ours, there is a certain probability that an environmental disaster will happen somewhere, as it did in Hawaii. If it were not Hawaii, it would be somewhere else, perhaps places where a hurricane would hit in the late summer. The Ukraine supporters knew this and when the Hawaii disaster unfolded, they were ready to manipulate the crisis to get what they wanted.  The lack of FEMA funding earlier this year was not an oversight. It produced a future tool to address an emergency by which lawmakers would have no option but to increase the funding to solve the emergency. This is precisely what is happening right now on Capital Hill.

The war in Ukraine is not a just war; therefore, it is immoral. The present Administration has no desire to bring the war to a conclusion.  It is becoming a repeat of the horrible foreign policy of past years when America was embroiled in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Those wars lost many lives, and nothing tangible came from it.

The Biden Administration has much to gain by propping up Zelensky’s reign. It is already proven the Biden family has received substantial amounts of money from Ukraine’s corrupt business people. Furthermore, Victoria Nuland’s testimony to Senator Marco Rubio confirmed that Ukraine has biolabs. A country that cannot defend itself surely doesn’t have the capability of supporting the gain of function research facilities; only superpowers like the US and China can do that. Let’s not forget the vast money the defense industry and their friends have made from the beginning of the war, making warmongers of both parties substantially well off financially.  

It remains to be seen if the Republicans can stand up by sending the money only to Hawaii via FEMA and not Ukraine, but don’t hold your breath because Republican Mitch McConnell is entirely on board with Scranton Joe by supporting him in floor speeches all last week advocating another paycheck for Zelensky.

With enough money already sent to Ukraine to meet the humanitarian needs, now is the time to stop paying for the war and demand Zelensky to start peace talks.

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