True Misinformation is Dangerous

One of the great tools the left uses to promote their insidious policies is projection. Using the mainstream media as a worldwide megaphone, the left has learned to accuse their opponents of something they are guilty of doing.  The tactic works almost every time because the left correctly assumes that the mostly uninformed public doesn’t expend the energy to decipher the truth independently. So, when a story is disseminated to the public through the media, the advantage goes to the left because they are the first to shape the narrative and influence public opinion.

A quick review of history demonstrates the strategy quite well. The amount of disinformation propagated by mainstream media about the COVID pandemic was staggering. The misinformation about the vaccines and their effectiveness literally changed how people lived their lives worldwide. People were vilified and even lost their jobs and were canceled if they dared to challenge the narrative about the effectiveness of the so-called vaccines and mask mandates.

The ugly strategy reared its ugly head again with the Russiagate allegations followed by the lies of the January 6th supposed insurrection. The former president and a mother of eight are fighting our corrupted justice system, all predicated upon the lies started and maintained by the left’s lackeys—the mainstream media.  

Sadly, the approach of shaping the narrative, whether true or not, happened just days ago in Israel’s conflict with Hamas. Many major outlets like the New York Times, CNN, the Guardian, and the Irish Times reported that a hospital in Gaza was bombed by Israeli forces, causing massive casualties of over 500 Palestine patients.

The sensational stories ran on Tuesday of this week, and by Wednesday, all of the erroneous facts about an Israeli airstrike on the hospital were debunked. Some journalists still reporting the truth showed a video that the hospital in Gaza, far from being destroyed, was still intact. The only damage visible was to the adjacent parking lot, and the supposed loss of life never transpired. Furthermore, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) proved that the damage to the autos in the parking lot resulted from an accidentally or planned ignited rocket by Hamas.  

The irresponsibility of major media outlets had an effect by stoking protests locally and abroad. Reporting falsehoods is a dangerous trend, especially when the world is engaged in two major military skirmishes. Whether these outlets act for profit or ideology, the damage is already done. As stated before, many low-information individuals will not spend the time to follow up because, in their minds, the story is old news now, and what lingers is Israel bombed innocent Palestinians.

Any misinformation that condemns Israel and places Hamas in a better light only adds to antisemitism, a hideous discrimination that has plagued the Jews for many years. In tears, Rashida Tlaib, the pro-Palestinian Congresswoman from Michigan, continued the lies about the hospital bombing outside the Capital yesterday. “I’m telling you right now, President Biden: not all America’s with you on this one, and you need to wake up and understand that.” She continued, “We are literally watching people commit genocide and killing the vast majority just like this,” as she clicks her fingers. “And we still stand by and say nothing.” Tlaib had nothing to say about the 1200 innocent Jewish citizens slaughtered by Hamas.

The one thing the left has right is misinformation is a dangerous thing. The problem is it only applies to the right side, while the left uses it to bludgeon their enemies.  

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