Lawmakers in Maryland Propose Murder

Maryland Senate Bill 669 Wants to Legalize Murder

Proposed Maryland Senate Bill 669 also known as the Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022 needs to be soundly defeated. The proposed bill officially changes the term “woman” to the nonsensical label of “pregnant person” as if anyone other than a woman could actually be pregnant. It also prevents a mother from being investigated for “terminating or attempting to terminate her own pregnancy.”

But it gets even worse. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), founded by religious rights attorney Jay Sekulow, claims that the bill also promotes infanticide. The attorneys of the ACLJ have thoroughly read the bill and argue the following, “In other words, a baby born alive and well could be abandoned and left to starve or freeze to death, and nothing could be done to punish those who participated in that cruel death.” In addition, the bill also offers an opportunity for damages if the woman feels she was unjustly investigated or arrested. The ACLJ attorneys likewise reason, “Thus, according to this bill, if a baby died because it was abandoned, and police investigated and eventually arrested the person responsible for the baby’s death, then the woman could sue the police and get monetary damages for having been investigated and arrested.” Did you catch that? The perpetrator could sue for wrongful arrest. This is outrageous.

Due to ambiguous language in the proposed law and the use of the term “perinatal” instead of “prenatal” when describing the age of the child, someone could presumably kill a baby anywhere from one to four weeks after birth. Maryland code does not officially define the term perinatal. The medical definition of prenatal typically means before the birth, however perinatal can mean anywhere from one to four weeks after the birth of the child. Was this simply a typo or oversight when writing this bill? Did the sponsor of this bill, Democrat State Senator William Smith, Jr. actually give a woman the license to kill the child after it was born?

In the past, it might have been easy to give the sponsor of this bill the benefit of the doubt that perhaps there was a wrong keystroke or simply an ignorance of closely sounding medical terms. But not now. We have all seen first-hand the horror of the New York State Legislature that voted to resounding cheers to allow abortions of otherwise healthy and viable babies on demand up until birth. We all remember the words of then Virginia governor Ralph Northam about keeping the baby “comfortable” while doctors and the parents discuss its fate. Smith’s website biography does credit him with working on a ‘Death with Dignity Work Group’ in 2015 so the legalization of death does appear to be one of his pet projects.

How has our Judeo-Christian society fallen so far, so fast? How are the residents of Maryland, the state named after the Blessed Mother, not up in arms about this proposed legislation? If the 800,000 Catholics in Maryland and the 70 million Catholics in the United States would actually stand up and fight these horrors, we could easily defeat those who peddle death for a living.  But alas, American Catholics are silent at best, and some are actively supportive of abortion at worst. We as a nation are no better than the Mayans and other ancient civilizations that ritually sacrificed children at the altar of pagan gods. We sacrifice our children on the altar of convenience; on the altar of professed women’s rights; on the altar of bodily autonomy; on the altar of choice, and yes, as this bill proposes, the altar of pure objective evil.

We as a church have acquiesced on abortion so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings and are to a certain degree complicit in the murder of millions of innocent babies since Roe v. Wade. Shame on us for our silence. Shame on us for our tacit approval. Shame on us for allowing this holocaust in our own homeland. It is only when our country faces its shameful and sinful past and corrects the course by finally ending Roe v. Wade for once and for all, that we will once again be a nation that is truly blessed by God.

Editor’s note: If you would like to fight Maryland Senate Bill 669 and other pro-abortion legislation you can sign the ACLJ Petition or if you live in Maryland, contact your state representatives and strongly but respectfully voice your disapproval.

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