Marxism: The Definition of Insane

Young Argentinians Are Rejecting Marxism in Record Numbers

Albert Einstein’s familiar adage about doing the same thing repeatedly and seeking a different result is a definition of insanity. Nothing better describes the Marxist philosophy from the Bolshevik revolution to the present. Generation after generation, the Marxist doctrine has preached a utopian society if the masses give up their religion, wealth, freedom and vow complete allegiance to the State. Every generation that has tried Marxism has never been able to attain the utopia they desired.

Far from a utopian society, Marxism brings about suffering, poverty, and death in every country that has adopted its demonic means of governance. With over a century of failed policies, even still, the Marxist movement is appealing to hordes worldwide with the promise that despite problems in the past, the new Marxism is different and will bring about the promises of a fairer nation where all are equal.

Neither new nor old, Marxism cannot bring about the changes it claims because it is based upon an evil premise where the human person is only an object to be used by the State. If the person does not operate as the State wishes, there is no hesitancy to eliminate or punish them. Life is cheap and often expendable with this type of government.

The recent rise in Marxist thought and practice in America can only be seen as sad. Either through an illiteracy of history or a misguided sense of social justice, some young Americans believe communism is a better form of government than democracy.  In all fairness, these citizens have not experienced the fall of the Soviet Union, nor have the evils of Marxism been taught in high school or college. The lack of education coupled with a mentality of wanting to change the world makes these types vulnerable to the lies of Marxism.

The Democratic socialist party now controls the White House and Senate and unapologetically embraces Marxist policies.  For instance, once considered impartial, our nation’s legal system has become an arm of the Democratic Party, prosecuting political opponents instead of criminals. Government spending is out of control, and inflation is spiking, decimating the middle class. Interest rates are on the rise, and the effect on personal wealth and ownership is dismantling the former three economic tiers of the country into two: rich and poor.  The suppression of free speech and religious freedom has increased exponentially under the present regime. The lack of border enforcement blurs the distinction between a legal citizen and an illegal inhabitant. The callous disregard for human life and the desire to abort babies even to the point of birth are all hallmarks of Marxism.

Even with all those points, many young voters cannot equate the present policies with the increasing rise in American Marxism. 58% of Millennials and the Gen Z generations voted for the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential election.  One could argue voters did not know the true motivations of the Democrats during that election, but the data shows otherwise. In the midterm elections of 2022, voters aged 18-29 voted 63% for Democratic candidates, while those 30-44 voted 51% of the time. Dan Bongino, in his syndicated radio show, often opines that maybe the citizens in this age group have not suffered enough yet.

In contrast to the head-scratching acceptance of communism in America, Argentina is years ahead of our plight and fight with Marxism. Still, it supplies a prophetic roadmap for the future of the United States. In an interview with the leading candidate for President of Argentina, Javier Milei cogently expressed the failure of the Marxist government in Argentina in his interview with Tucker Carlson.

Milei contends the Argentinian people have been embracing Marxism for 100 years, and it has caused a once well-educated and prosperous country to become a true third-world country with hyperinflation the likes seen in Germany before World War II, where it took a wheelbarrow of marks to buy a loaf of bread.

According to Milei, socialist propaganda is based upon a premise: Where there is a need, there is a right.   Quite correctly, Milei counters by commenting that the needs of people are infinite, while resources are finite. The candidate firmly believes that capitalism solves the need and resource problem, rejected by current governmental leaders who wish to control all aspects of Argentinian life. Next, he points to the misuse of social justice by saying transgender people in his country pay lower taxes and the creation of a Ministry of Women, fostering discrimination between the sexes.

The Presidential candidate says every problem the State tries to fix is worse off than before, and their meddling is a ‘violent’ act by absconding private property and freedom, except for those members of the State. He is also a staunch pro-life advocate and views the practice of abortion as murder. The media in the West has labeled Milei as an “Extreme-Right Politician.” 

Quite surprisingly, with all of Milei’s views, the younger age voters of Argentina are solidly behind who may be the next President of Argentina. In recent polls, over 70% of young Argentinian voters aged 16-34 are backing Milei in the next election. In other words, there is a decisive move from socialist policies to democratic freedom.   

Possibly, the younger voters of the Latin American country have finally realized the Socialist Marxist philosophy is bankrupt, and continued hope that it will transform society is an exercise in insanity.  The young voters of Argentina have lived a life under Marxism and seem to have had enough.

But the big question is whether their counterparts in America come to the same conclusion now that their piece of the American dream is evaporating because of the horrendous policies of the present Administration.  Can the younger generation in America finally be swayed by the prospect of only renting a home instead of owning one?  Will their current debt be enough to realize the socialist government is not there to save them but to use them?

Time will tell whether the lesson will be learned or the next presidential election will be nothing more than trying the same Marxist plan and hoping for a different result. If it continues the way it has, then the country has gone insane.


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