Holy Trinity Sunday

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three persons in one God, accepted by Christians, impossible to fully comprehend. The fundamental description of the God we adore is incomprehensible. How can this be? How can we believe in something we don’t understand?  We can’t if our search for the truth of God is solely based upon scientific methodology. Perhaps by relying on science alone, so many have lost their faith or failed to be attracted to the source of their own life, God himself.

The scientific approach to proving the existence of God, let alone a Trinity, presupposes God’s wish is to have the human mind have the ability to prove his existence. But that would be impossible because of two reasons. First, there is a great disparity between the Creator and the creature. It is upside-down to think the creature can be intellectually superior or even equal to the Creator by being able to understand the infinite with only the tool of a finite mind.

The second problem with the “scientific proving” theory is it disregards the history of how the Triune God first related to his creatures.   Scripture is clear: God has never proved himself to humanity, rather he has consistently revealed himself.   He did so with Moses, as he comes down in a cloud, passes before him, and speaks into his heart that he is a merciful and gracious God, slow to anger, and abounding in love and fidelity.


This same God is further revealed in the New Testament witness as one Triune God. “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” Paul’s prayer and greeting communicate a reality he had come to experience on that famous road to Damascus as he encountered the risen Christ– the Son of the God in whom Paul already believed. The Apostle does not take up the task of explaining the mystery of three persons in one God. Instead, he simply confesses his faith in the Triune God, a faith sparked by the touch of the Divine.


The Trinitarian doctrine, simply points to the fact that our God is a personal, relational God. In the very life of God, we see a dynamism – three persons in perfect relationship with one another, joined in an unbreakable union. Three persons distinct, but never separated. And if we are created in the image, our very existence must somehow reflect a triune character through relationship.

God Reveals Himself in Human Experiences and Relationships

The love of the Father shines through the unconditional, abundant, and generous love we feel from all of the many gifts God has given. A people who are grateful understand life itself is something outside of human agency. A Father’s love which never shuns his children’s hope dreams, and struggles. A Father who is infinitely faithful, no matter what we have done.  

A Son, who willingly gave up his life so our life can continue eternally.  A Son who is just like us in everyway except sin who shows us the way to flourish as a human being. A Son, who is literately the linchpin between a Triune God and his creatures.

The Holy Spirit taking up his residence in our very beings once we were baptized and confirmed. The Holy Spirit which helps us discern the difference between right and wrong, lies and the truth, A Holy Spirit which energies us to help others recognize God revelation in their lives.  A Holy Spirit helping family and friends to stay united instead of divided.

For some, there can never be sufficient proof of the existence of the Trinity; but for others, the Triune God’s revelation will always be enough.

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