Canaries in the Coal Mine

Here we Go Again

The strong arm of the government is again making a spectacle of themselves in National Airport last week by publicly arresting Peter Navarro on a contempt of Congress charge. If convicted, Navarro will spend some of his life behind bars.

After two hundred plus years, the greatest expression of self-governing the world has ever known is unraveling before our eyes. The gift the United States has given to mankind (yes mankind!) in the past was the form of nonpartisan justice it practiced. It didn’t matter whether you were poor or rich or somewhere in the middle, justice was supposed to be blind. Now, with the latest Navarro arrest, there is good reason to believe lady justice is anything but blind. 

It is not that we have not been warned. The takeover of the legal system by a political party has been in the works for some time now.  In other words, canaries have been dropping dead all over the place and no one seemed to notice or care. President Obama who was uniquely situated as the first black president, manipulated his position and became a master of transforming supposed neutral government agency into a political attack organization. 

The transformation was studied by the Democrats and ignored by the Republicans. Even with a Republican majority in the house and presidency, the Democrats had enough political capital in the partisan non-elected governmental positions to raise havoc and persecute the other side. Paul Manafort was arrested and kept in solitary confinement. George Papadopoulos was also arrested and spent time in jail in reference to the Russia hoax. 

To be fair the whole story must be told. Remember those who were part of the “national security” apparatus who openly perjured themselves to Congress or otherwise abused authority? To date, none have been put in shackles in front of a national news camera. Timelier, does lady justice have anything to say about the recent “Ruth Sent Us” insurgents?  

Remember General Flynn who was on the brink of serious jail time before his pardon?  Or Roger Stone who became the poster boy on how to make a public example of a political opponent.  Drag them away in the early hours of the morning surrounded by an army of enforcers with weapons of war along with a major cable new organization memorializing the whole event.

Lest we not forget the immense travesty of the January 6 supposed insurrection and those folks still locked up wasting away. At the very least, the country should be outraged these citizens are being detained without true due process. The country should be livid at the unconstitutional power grab of the January 6th Commission in harmony with the corrupt DOJ and FBI.

 If the public is not interested in the January 6th debacle and the political prisoners languishing behind bars in some hellhole called a D.C. jail, then quite predictably, the country won’t care too much about the over-the-top arrest and prosecution of Peter Navarro.  

The Canaries are piling Up in the Country’s Coal Mine

The coal mine is putrid and poisoned is an understatement!  A political party representing roughly half of the population does not have the right to suspend or transform the country’s legal system without a process agreed upon by the whole county. But yet, that is what exactly is happening. 

A self-governing country will cease to exist, no matter how many elections you have if the ‘self’ of the equation is not taken seriously.  If the ‘self’ in self-governing is abdicated to a political party without criticism or questions, then there will be no need of political parties at all.

Once the need for political parties or criticism is blurred or eliminated, then the country is ripe for a tyrannical takeover.

Start counting the dead canaries coming out of the coal mine now and judge for yourself.   

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