Defund the Police is a Strategy for Nationalization of Law Enforcement

In the aftermath of the George Floyd death, conflicts arose in many major cities causing undue destruction under the banner of social justice.  The main cry was the authoritative nature of local police departments preying on minorities. Liberal progressives and politicians shouted the now famous battle cry, “Defund the Police”.  In many urban areas the local governments started slashing the budgets of their police departments, and as expected, violent crime is on the rise in many parts of the country.

What has always been interesting in the debate about police reform and defunding is the issue is not purely about defunding or police reform. The defund argument is only the talking point, or smoke screen for what is really going on. The leftist progressives are banking on the strategy the public is too emotional and uniformed to know what the debate is really about.

 During the riots, the leftists exploited racism and emotions by getting behind the defund the police juggernaut. Ordinary folk saw time and time again the Floyd incident in Minneapolis via main stream media and were told every police department in the country were systematically racist and were unfair, especially to minorities.  In short order Minneapolis and other cities defunded those departments. What you may have forgotten is those calling the loudest for change had tax payers funding their own security details.   It is no different with national politicians, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and others never go anywhere without protection. But it isn’t so with ordinary Americans.

With all the talk about defunding the police, never once has there been a cry to defund the District Attorneys, nor the federalized law enforcement organizations. It would only seem logical if there is corruption and abuse in police departments, surely the abuse would be in the district attorneys’ offices and federalized law enforcement because they all work together. But yet, not a whimper to defund these institutions

The Real Reason for defunding local Police

The progressive leftist who are Marxists, maintain the power of a country should reside in a centralized political body. In other words, local power needs to be squashed because it cant be controlled well enough  if it remains local. 

The true strategy of the leftists is not reform, on the contrary, it is to eliminate the local authority and supplant it with a federal government run police force. Sound familiar, it should, it is the basic blueprint communist Russia and China implement.

If any low enforcement needs to be defunded it is the federal agencies. The FBI is corrupt and no longer an organization working for the public to keep them safe. They have turned into an organization persecuting innocent citizens on the behalf of the leftist political party who has weaponized them. Just look at the Russia hoax and the January 6th alleged insurrection.

The Nation Security Agency has just recently admitted in so many words they spied on Tucker Carlson. Obviously, it is another unlawful use of authority against citizens and the Constitution with the motive of eliminating those who may disagree with the Marxists takeover of the county.

Federal law enforcement is already being used regularly to abuse an American’s rights to free speech assembly and religious freedoms. Is there any greater abuse of authority than this? Hardly, yet no cries to defund these corrupt federal agencies or to root out corruption, or, wait for it—eliminating systematic racism.

Be careful, defund the police movement has little to do with reform and more to do about a power grab. If you truly want to eradicate police authoritarianism or systematic racism, then start at the top with the FBI, CIA and NSA.  

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