Time to Defund Planned Parenthood


Why Are Taxpayers Still Paying for Planned Parenthood?

Do you remember back in school when one of your exam questions was to compare and contrast two distinct subjects?  You had to look at the two and see the similarities and dissimilarities all at the same time. The same skill needed to answer the test questions in school should be employed by educated individuals now in evaluating the social attitudes about defunding police departments and the continued support of Planned Parenthood, especially in the wake of the recent ruling of Roe v. Wade.

Factually, the George Floyd incident in May 2020, unleashed riots on many major American cities coupled with countless protests with one aim in mind, defund all local police departments. Many poorly run municipalities raced to take money out of police budgets only to learn crime skyrocketed, and continues to increase all over America. 

In contrast, the progressive social warriors who believe taking a baby’s life is the right of a mother could never imagine defunding their killing machine, Planned Parenthood. In fact, Planned Parenthood has continually received more government funds, your taxpayer dollars, to continue to butcher the country’s most vulnerable citizens.  No time soon does there seem to be any cry of justice in reducing Planned Parenthood’s funding. No social warriors or the progressive left say a word about the atrocities which happen inside the walls of the fake health organization. With Roe Vs. Wade being struck down, the leftists are the more resolved to continue to fund this barbarous organization.     

So bold and brazen has Planned Parenthood become, the idea was voiced about opening up a branch of their death cult inside a California High School ! So underhanded is the killing organization, their level of transparency is nil. Try and look up “High School-Planned Parenthood” and all you get is an error report. Not only does an error report come up with the high school theme but also funding and heaven knows how many other topics have been scrubbed from their site.

In comparison, the same tax dollars used to fund local police departments along with Planned Parenthood is the one thing they have in common. Both organizations claim they have a right to the dollars because they are providing services for local communities. But one of them, Planned Parenthood remains unscathed both in rhetoric and in the dollars flowing to their coffers.

In contrast, local police departments have a mission of keeping the peace and upholding the law. True, there are times when police officers kill, sometimes legitimate, sometimes not. But their mission is not killing innocent human life. The opposite holds true for Planned Parenthood whose objective is to abort another human being. Unlike the police, the killing is not sporadic, but intentional each and every time a pregnant woman walks into their facilities. The differences are obvious. So, why are the taxpayers continually paying for the decimation of their own population?  Simply, because the social justice warriors are not truly for justice and peace at all. What they are for, and take every attempt to let you know, is the religion of death must constantly move forward in some warped logic of women’s health. Why women only? Why not have a special taxpayer funded “health” organization for men? Because contrary to leftists’ gobbledygook, men cannot get pregnant.

It is about time that Christians who are followers of life by definition, begin to show the world what true social justice is—justice for all, regardless of their state in life. The true social justice which defends life should be by countering the social justice of the few, who think justice is another word for “killing.”

True social justice demands that “It is time to defund Planned Parenthood.”

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