The Biden Administration Uses People as Capital

Cuban Unrest

In the past couple of days news has surfaced from the tiny island country of Cuba, indicating social unrest in the streets. Most of the major media has downplayed the story of Cuban citizens peacefully protesting against the abusive Marist government who has a choke hold on the people who do not even have the most basic human rights. The peaceful protest was not met with a peaceful response.

Radio Jamaica News reports the Communist government has retaliated against the peaceful protestors, and to date, 100 individuals have been killed or are reported missing. The number will probably rise significantly, but it will be hard to get information about the continued crackdown.  The protest began because of the abysmal conditions in Cuba related to the “economy, food and medicine shortages, price hikes and the government’s handling of the COVID-19 epidemic.” As expected, the Cuban government does not allow peaceful protests unless they are authorized. Complaints against social conditions and human rights will never be authorized as long as the Communists are in power in Cuba.

The information coming into the United States is very scant, due in part to the main stream media’s refusal to cover the protest with any honesty or integrity. How very different an approach to the news when the story does not serve the “masters” agenda. Last summer, there were numerous protests in the United States covered nonstop, with Democratic leaders praising the violent protestors responsible for destroying property and killing in streets across the county.   

To the Cuban citizens who are protesting, the media, and importantly, the Democratic Party has very little to say about human rights when it comes to our neighbors in Cuba. What they did have to say should prove to you the Democratic Party with its titular head, Joe Biden, adheres to a Marists philosophy of government.

The Biden Administration refuses to let the Freedom Loving Cubans to Enter America

The hypocrisy of the Biden Administration is staggering when it comes to allowing politically refugees and immigrants into the country. When Biden was inaugurated this past January, the flood gates on our southern border were opened wide. We are all told how uncompassionate and racist we are if we have any objection to the illegal immigrants coming from the southern hemisphere. The crossings are the highest in 20 years according to NBC News.  Not once did you hear the Administration having a policy of refusing entry into the country.  Hypocritically, not so with the Cuban citizens seeking freedom.

The Biden Administration today stated no Cuban refugees or immigrants are not welcome in America. If they happen by chance to make it here, the Biden government stated they will be resettled in third world countries. Never was the idea of sending the border crossers from Mexico back to another third world country.  Truth is, many are resettled in American cities.  

Democrats Use people for Political Power

The reprehensible decision of the Biden Administration in turning away Cuban freedom fighters while letting South American immigrants stay, is a pure political and inhuman ploy. The Democrats are well aware that those from socialist countries in South America have a greater propensity to vote Democratic because of the many social services they plan on receiving once they make it to America.

The Democrats are also aware the majority of Cuban immigrants and those of Cuban ancestry have traditionally voted Republican. Just look at the voting statistics of southern Florida. The calculated and coldhearted strategy of the Democratic to limit future Republican votes and enhance future Democratic voters. The policy is a repulsive, using human beings as pawns in their never-ending lusts for power.      

Pray for the Cuban people as they are suffering and enduring another crisis. The United States unfortunately has chosen to look the other way in hopes of adulterating future free elections. 

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