Children are Still not Safe

We live in paradoxical times, especially concerning children and young adults. The young have more material advantages than in the past. It has been calculated that 53% of children aged 11 have a smartphone—the statistic mushrooms to 84% for teens.  More than 8.3 million teens between 16-19 regularly drive their car or someone else’s, meaning 3.7% of all drivers are teenagers.  Regarding helping out with domestic chores, a survey reported that only 28% of parents require their children to help out regularly at home. For those children who participate in sports outside of school programs, private club sports for children are a whopping 15 billion dollar industry. It seems kids have a pretty good life, right? Well, not so fast.

The numbers indeed suggest that the younger generation has more advantages than their predecessors, and even with these added perks, the children in our country are still potential victims of a culture bent on harming them during their most impressionable years.

Although the children seem to want nothing, surprisingly, what is kept from them is steady and consistent instruction on what a moral life should look like.  A child’s moral development is equally, if not more, important than any material trinkets they are given. Teaching children right from wrong is probably the most challenging part of raising a child because so many needs seem to surface in the chaotic life of a modern family, not to mention sometimes awkward conversations better left unsaid. Extended family members and others are reticent to get involved, and the constant mantra of not judging or not throwing stones at glass houses is seared into their psyche. In the end, the tough moral questions are rarely addressed.

Because of these and other factors, children who must engage in a hypersexual culture lack the moral foundation to resist the lures and temptations. Children with a poor understanding between right and wrong find themselves manipulated by institutions and people of authority.  In public and, regrettably, in some private schools, the propaganda of the trans movement is front and center, exposing these children to a way of life contrary to Christian and biblical teaching. The child is victimized at this point because noncompliance is not an option if he wants to fit in with his contemporaries and not be ostracized by his peers. Teachers and adults who are all in on the trans movement know this and use it to their advantage by vocally marginalizing the child in school who hasn’t yet pleaded complete allegiance to the rainbow.    

The medical field, once held up in esteem, is also the culprit in victimizing children. When the abortion industry illogically started to argue that the procedure of killing a baby in the womb was healthcare and demanded medicine to accept the definition, was the time some hospitals and doctors became cooperators in the abuse.  The precedent was set. From that point on, any ideological nonsense, such as mutilating healthy human flesh in an attempt to transition young people and teens through surgery, is also considered healthcare. The textbook definition of abuse is when an authority oversteps its bounds and brings harm to another.  The children are victims even if they have been encouraged to think they are the wrong gender. No child or teen has the maturity to make an irrevocable decision such as that. Adults are making the decisions for them, and for whatever reason they are doing it, they are harming the children in the process.

We live in a paradox of culture where children have more than ever before, yet children are being victimized in many ways.  They are the pawns in the demonic takeover because of their lack of wisdom and experience, and they lack the weapons needed to fight off the enemy on their own.  

Every Christian must encourage and help parents to see the potential harm their children face. Arming these children with a strong sense of morality is the only way to protect them from becoming victims to the wolves of our culture, who are seeking any opening to devour them.  

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