Celebrate the Winter Olympics, Ignore the Human Rights Abuse


The XXIV Winter Olympic Games (a.k.a. the Genocide Games) are scheduled to be held from February 4-20, 2022 in Beijing, China. So far there has been no talk of postponing the games despite the world-wide hysteria regarding the ever growing variants of COVID, the accompanying lockdowns and forced vaccinations in many “democratic” countries around the world like Austria, France and the Netherlands.  Even China has one of its provinces, Shaanxi, on severe lockdown.

You don’t need to be an ivy league educated virologist to know that it is probably not a good idea to gather diverse athletes from the four corners of the earth into one confined place right now.  Common sense would dictate that if there is a credible threat of a new mutant form of Coronavirus, best to postpone the games until the threat is mitigated. This is what Japan did for the summer games in 2020. So why isn’t cancelling or postponing the 2022 winter games even on the table?

Just like everything we have seen this past two years, the coordinated global position on this whole situation strains credulity. Mixed messages, arbitrary policies, inconsistently enforced regulations and the suppression of early treatments have all been part of the globalist narrative. So, we can logically assume that nothing about this situation has truly been about the welfare and safety of the common man, including the decision on whether or not to hold the XXIV Winter Olympics.

The Olympics have long served to be more than a festival of athletic excellence. They have been a way to promote a certain way of life, be it fascism, communism, or atheism. The elevation of men as a godlike figure and humanity’s ability to continually extend the finite physical boundaries have been accentuated and celebrated since the games began.

Governments have also tried to use the games as a way to display their power and strength on the international stage. In 1936, Adolph Hitler and the Nazis promoted the amazing war machine that they had amassed as well as attempted to demonstrate the superiority of the Arian race. Thanks to Jesse Owens and his four gold medals in track and field, a huge bucket of ice-cold water was thrown over the whole eugenics’ movement. Recently, the Olympics have also been employed to foster progressive and woke cultural changes. You can read our article from July, 2021 on The Most Woke Olympics Ever for a full commentary on this aspect.

It seems likely that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as the host of the winter games, is going to take a page out of the Nazi playbook. No doubt there will be a strong, efficient and precise military presence to extol the virtues of communism while intimidating the rest of the world with their military might. Media from every nation will on hand to report which country leads the medal count (probably China) along with fluffy state sponsored propaganda pieces on how truly happy and fulfilled the Chinese people are. This is far from the truth. We know this from brave whistleblowers and expatriates that have broken through the firewall to tell about the real horrors of the CCP like forced abortions and sterilizations, social credit scores, the detainment of a million Muslim Uyghurs, and the imprisonment of political dissidents.

The fact that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has allowed the CCP to host yet another Olympics (they also hosted the 2008 Summer Games) in Beijing with its history of human rights abuse is beyond the pale. Let’s not also forget that the CCP unleashed Covid-19 on the world in the winter of 2019, lied about its origin (remember the bat soup tale from the wet market or was it really a pangolin?) and refused to allow scientists the ability to investigate the source of the virus which may have helped in the creation of effective treatments. Now two years later, we are all supposed to pretend that none of this happened and obediently tune in to NBC Universal and watch as this travesty unfolds?

Many human rights groups have called for a boycott of these Olympics and we urge the same. As the Washington Post Op-Ed by Charles Lane claims, “Anyone can boycott the Beijing Olympics. Everyone should.” It is that simple – don’t watch, but take it one step further and don’t support the sponsors.  According the AP woke corporate sponsors of the Olympics collectively give the IOC billions of dollars. Companies like Airbnb, Alibaba, Allianz, Atos, Bridgestone, Coca-Cola, Intel, Omega, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, and Visa are all complicit. Predictably, many of these corporations have exclusive business deals with the CCP. These companies need to feel the wrath of the world through serious shortfalls in their corporate pocketbooks and know that the human rights abuses of the CCP will not be tolerated.

What do we suggest you do instead during the boring, dreary days of February that lie ahead? The same as we offered last time during the summer games. Turn off the TV and don’t consume propaganda. Don’t give the networks any ratings. Don’t purchase any Olympic fan gear online or in retail stores. As we have all learned of late, we can live just fine and be perfectly happy without the histrionics and drama of professional sports. We don’t need the Olympics either. Instead, be a participant in your own Olympics not a spectator of theirs – play outside in the snow with your kids; make a snowman or go for a winter walk; go skiing, sledding, or ice skating. At least you will get some exercise, spend time with family and know you were not supporting those complicit in human rights abuses.

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