The Most Woke Olympics Ever

The Summer Games of the XXXII Olympiad are yet another example of the cultural corruption worldwide. The Olympics was a showcase of athletic prowess, now sadly is a festival that will impose upon viewers radical cultural ideas. Long gone are the days when the Olympics represented, at least for the United States of America, pride of country and the celebration of freedom through the medium of sports.

Before Olympics athletes were allowed to enter as professionals in 1988, amateur Americans competed successfully against many Eastern bloc state sponsored programs showing to the world the grit and tenacity of a free country and the discipline and sacrifice our athletes made to win the gold.  Often it was David vs. Goliath like battle and we all felt great pride when we heard the national anthem being played as the stars and stripes were raised. A perfect example of this was at the 1980 Winter Olympics held in Lake Placid, New York. A ragtag group of college hockey players coached by the legendary Herb Brooks, beat against all odds the four-time defending gold medal team from the Soviet Union. It became a great unifier for our nation as the chants of, “USA! USA! USA!” could be heard in the arena and in living rooms around the country. This remarkable story was immortalized in the 2004 movie Miracle and has inspired many generations of athletes and Americans.

As with so much of what we once treasured, the Olympics have become yet another opportunity for the radical left to push social agendas.  Case in point; the media’s fascination around male to female weightlifter, Gavin (Laurel) Hubbard from New Zealand, the first transgender athlete to compete in the Olympics.  The media wants you to believe the event is “history making”.  The anti-God rubbish tries to make you believe this athlete is breaking down societal barriers, is so courageous, and a true hero and trailblazer for being a biological male who identifies as a female. Perhaps, the “history making” event is to convince the public human beings select their gender as opposed to the truth—God chooses.  A worldwide event like the Olympics supporting a claim which can best be described as sheer lunacy.

Follow the Science

A common clarion call for the left is to, “Follow the science.” Apparently, no one is actually interested in the science of this farce as every cell in Hubbard’s body is made up of male DNA. Science also shows us that a biological man who went through puberty as a male has amassed more lung capacity, bone and muscle density then a woman will ever possess, no matter how much she trains. This gives our “hero” a distinct and unfair advantage regardless of his current levels of testosterone.  The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) standards of 10 nanomoles of testosterone for male to female transgender athletes is typically five times more than an average biological woman possesses.

From 2014 to the present, only after transitioning, Hubbard qualified for 11 women’s international tournaments and has been the Women’s World Champion Silver winner in 2017 and Gold in 2019. Interestingly enough, his career as a male weightlifter was not nearly as remarkable. Allowing Hubbard to compete with women is inherently unjust. Anyone who objects to this ridiculous situation is labeled as transphobic ostensibly ending any rational discussion. Hubbard clearly has deep seeded psychology issues and needs help, but affirming his delusion at the expense of legitimate female athletes is just wrong.

My suggestion to combat all this? Turn off the TV and don’t consume this propaganda. Don’t give the networks any ratings. Don’t purchase any Olympic fan gear online or in retail stores. As we have all learned of late, we can live just fine and be perfectly happy without the histrionics and drama of NFL, NBA, and the MLB. We don’t need the Olympics either. Instead, be a participant in your own Olympics not a spectator of theirs – play baseball or basketball with your kids; go for a bike ride or a hike; go swimming, golfing, fishing or kayaking. At least you will get some exercise, spend time with family and be spared the crazy virtue signaling that’s bound to come your way.




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