Children are Used as Pawns in COVID Fight

The Chicago Public School system, serving about 340,000 students, has reached an agreement about returning to the classrooms following a long Christmas break. The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) president, Jesse Starkey an avowed socialist, was not completely happy with the deal struck with the city.  The same old talking points about “safety” the use of masks and the possibility of remote learning for some schools makes up the apparent new agreement.  

But the children are not safe under this plan or the past ones. It has been well documented how the lockdowns and remote learning have not only hurt children’s academic development but also their psychological well-being. Reports of anxiety disorders and suicides among children and teens are both on the rise. Throughout the entire pandemic children have been expected to sacrifice a normal childhood to protect all the adults in their sphere be it their teachers, parents or grandparents. Since when is it the job of a child to protect adults?

When teachers unions are not isolating children in their homes, they also expect kids to dutifully wear masks all day (K-95) in school and get vaccinated even though the risk of major Covid complications and death for healthy children is so small it is hardly statistically significant. Children also have been shown not to contribute to the spread the virus.

Good Moral Compasses has already exposed the harmful effects of masking children in a previous article which speaks of language development disorders, stilted social interactions due to the lack of viewing facial expressions, and a general drop in the I.Q. of children who have been forced to wear a mask and interact with masked adults for the last two years.

If all this was not enough, media and woke children’s shows are pumping out propaganda regarding the vaccines. Sesame Street trotted out Big Bird Grandma (I didn’t know Big Bird had a grandmother!) to coerce children to receive Covid vaccines. Granny Bird says, “I made the decision to get Big Bird vaccinated because Covid vaccines are the best way to keep yourself, our friends and neighbors and me safe and healthy.” Then Big Bird says, “And it will help me keep playing with my Granny Bird and all the kids at school.” Did you catch that? If Big Bird wants to see his grandmother and play with other kids, he has to be vaccinated. He is also now personally responsible for keeping his grandmother and the rest of society safe from disease.  To put this level of culpability on a child is a serious form of mental abuse.

Adults have no right asking a child to be responsible for something they clearly have no control over.  Along with this expectation comes a huge dose of guilt if somehow the child doesn’t get entire the vaccination regimen, misses a booster shot, or heaven forbid, grandma gets a breakthrough case and suddenly dies. Adults, especially the baby boomers, are sacrificing the future health of their own grandchildren to protect themselves from getting Covid. It is a selfish request that is also fueled by the desire to see their grandkids for their own self-gratification not necessarily for the benefits of the child.  

There are no long-term studies on the possible health ramifications of these new mRNA vaccines on children and it is disturbing that many of the adults in our country simply don’t care as long as they perceive a safety benefit for themselves. Already pediatric reports have been coming in on the possibility of acquiring myocarditis, other debilitating neurological deficits or dying due to the jab. Some scientists are beginning to question the wisdom and cost/benefit of vaccinating children as they claim, “…there are five times the number of deaths to each inoculation vs. those attributable to Covid-19.”

During an FDA hearing on whether or not to approve the vaccine for children ages 5-11, an advisory committee member named Eric Rubin said, “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.”  This “expert” is willing to experiment on American children who might have a lifelong disability or die due to an adverse effect in order to presumably protect adults.  And what happens, Eric Rubin, if the vaccine is found not to be safe and innocent children are maimed or killed? Will you or the drug companies take any personal responsibility or assume liability? We all know the answer to that – a resounding, “NO!” The FDA approval of the vaccine for children has been ethically and morally wrong on every level. Instead, may I suggest long-term clinical trials which are professionally and ethically conducted that accurately and honestly report the efficacy as well as the risks of this vaccine?

It is a shame we have come to this sad and sickening place. But let’s not kid ourselves. From the moment that Roe v. Wade was enshrined in law, the health and wellbeing of our children has never been the priority of the elite establishment. Innocent, powerless victims have been aborted for convenience’s sake and their mangled body parts and fetal stem cells have been used to create medications for grown-ups and everyone seems to be okay with it. But don’t be okay with it. Stand up to the powers that be and actively protect our children from the maniacs that have taken over our public institutions. Protect the future of our children, as the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.  

Matthew 19:13-14

Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked them, but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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