Who Can We Trust?

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The past eighteen months have exposed the real pandemic – a pandemic of confidence. Covid-19 has lifted the veil on the inner workings of Marxists, our nation and the world. We were all taught and dutifully acknowledged the authority of our Institutions and later found out what we have trusted and depended on all of our lives, seem to be corrupted. These once mighty and powerful seats of power are now unworthy of our trust and respect.

The public health officials from the WHO, NIAID, FDA, CDC and the medical profession itself have been caught in a never-ending narrative of lies and outright misrepresentations regarding the pandemic. From the origin of the virus, to the efficacy of masking and social distancing, to therapeutics. The so-called vaccines come along with incoherent rules, regulations and protocols.  The hypocrisy of the messaging seems to support some kind of agenda seemingly bent on the destruction of the western world. 

At first, we were asked to lockdown for “14 days to slow the spread” as to not to overwhelm hospital ICU units. The hospitals really never were overwhelmed and the fourteen days has turned into eighteen months of tyrannical dictates and lost freedoms. Then were told not to wear a mask, because it only served as a psychological crutch. Only weeks later came the mandatory mask mandates promoted by the exact same public health officials. We were even told to wear two masks at one point! Remember when we were strongly encouraged not to gather in large groups (like going to church or school) to avoid creating a “super spreader” event?  This decree was held up as the gold standard of public safety except of course if you were rioting, looting, holding BLM signs or illegally entering the country.

What about the use of prophylactics and therapeutics to fight the virus? Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin which have both proved to be highly effective and inexpensive in combating the virus, were censored from social media and denounced by some doctors and health officials as being “unsafe.”  Then we were told that an experimental vaccine under emergency use authorization was the answer to get us to some form of normalcy – until it wasn’t.  Due to the multitude of mutations of Covid-19 we would now have to take not only two initial doses, but a series of four or five booster shots. The many adverse effects of the mRNA gene therapy shots have been downplayed and for some reason no one is allowed to discuss their inherent dangers. As the experts in the medical and public health profession continue to change their advice, hide pertinent information and contradict themselves, their collective credibility is questionable, at best.

The government at the local, state and federal level have also failed us. The forced lockdowns and quarantine of healthy people was an absolutely absurd strategy. Unless of course the policy in some states was to place Covid positive patients into nursing homes to expose those not yet infected. Quite possibly, those who possessed fragile immune systems and comorbidities can all  all get sick and die together. Lockdowns have resulted in the failure of small businesses, children have lost almost a year of quality education, families have been isolated and old people in those infected nursing homes died – many of them alone. The lockdowns also created immense fear and uncertainty adding to the mental health issues of many and an increase in suicides especially amongst the young. Again, what was the rationale for these horrible policies? The policies were never based on any real data, or an exhaustive study of the current situation. They were imposed by tyrants who do what tyrants do best – limit personal freedoms and hurt innocent people.

The Church also betrayed us and for me, this is the toughest pill to swallow. She closed her doors to those of us who might have sought comfort during the pandemic in the reception of the sacraments. Babies were not baptized, 2nd graders did not make their first reconciliations and communions, young couples had to call off or reschedule their weddings and people died without last rites and in some cases funerals. Many prelates have also advocated for forced vaccination and are not allowing religious exemptions of any kind for their diocesan clergy and employees despite the fact the vaccines have been made using fetal aborted cell lines in their research or development.

What happens when sick people can no longer trust the experts in the medical profession? What happens when a society no longer trusts the government officials who we elect and pay to keep us safe? What happens when the faithful no longer trust their church leaders to be concerned not only with their mortal lives, but also their eternal souls? It is rather frightening to know that all the institutions, agencies and people who you have put your faith in your entire life to serve, protect and help you are basically untrustworthy.

To whom shall we turn in these lonely and fearful times?   The answer is easy – we need to put our full faith and trust in God where perhaps it should have been from the start. Mere mortals may and often times fail us, but God will never abandon us. He is our bulwark against the wickedness of this world and the father of lies. Stay close to Him through daily prayer and works of mercy. Do not despair, but have hope, a hope grounded in the love of God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We may suffer, but with the grace of God, we shall endure. 

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

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