Medical ‘Best Practices’ Ditched for Money

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During this mess we call the COVID pandemic, the medical establishment worldwide has abrogated their expertise and best practices following without questioning the apparent experts of medicine—totalitarian government leaders. With the exception of a very few, politicians have never attended medical school nor are they degreed in medicine. Credentials do not seem to matter; their decrees are absolute and medical institutions nationwide have fallen obediently in line.

Why would they do this? Simply because Medicare and Medicaid payments are directly tied to following the mandates of the government. A concurrent reason might be the CEO’s and other executives agree with the progressive movement’s ideology.

Obviously, the government, not the medical establishment, deems every American citizen has to be vaccinated, without any conversation or inquiry. Citizens are mandated, noncitizens illegally entering have the right to choose.

Like obedient dogs, the administrators running the health care industry in America are willing to throw out the window the ‘best practices’ of medicine used for years to treat patients all because they do not wish to kill the golden goose of government reimbursement. The medical industry has betrayed their employees along with their patients, by not given them options of treating COVID. 

We are now in a new and terrifying era unleashed by government whereby the medical complex has dramatically changed the way they treat patients, all on account of money and ideology.  The treatment of disease using various modalities has made American medicine one of the best in the world. The new and harmful precedent set by the COVID pandemic is a mono-treatment where one size fits all.

If the mono-treatment was accepted in the fight against other diseases, American medicine would still be in the 19th century as far as efficacy. Thankfully, cancer patients once diagnosed, have a thoughtful care plan for treatment created by the various medical experts treating the patient.  There is of course, chemotherapy and radiation but also targeted surgeries, gene therapy and nutritional regimes along with other modalities open to the healthcare profession.   

The same holds true for other illness, whether chronic or contracted. Many different forms of treatment available to ascertain which works best for the patient.  The ‘best practices’ of medicine demands the array of options because people are different and respond to different treatments.    

Medicine was once open to the patients spiritual and psychological needs by affirming the importance of mind body and spirit. For almost every ailment, there are numerous ways in which patients can and should be treated. The only exception now is COVID and the only prophylactic is the so-called vaccine.  Religious exemptions holding the belief there should be no aborted baby parts in the research or implementation of the vaccine are often scoffed at.  

The medical complex unfortunately akin to the military complex seems no longer interested in the patients’ well-being and more interested in governmental monies and political ideologies. Not once has the medical complex truly contemplated the use of preventative or therapeutic means of dealing with the virus.   

When they do speak out it is usually against their employees,  bullying and shunning them if they refuse to take the vaccine. Just recently a ICU doctor, Mollie James and her colleagues in New York have been pressured to take the vaccine and are on the verge of leaving the profession because they are witnessing the potential harmful effects of the vaccine. Dr. Mollie James is reported as saying, “We are being pressured to vaccinate, and we see the large number of Vaccine complications in our ICU’s and ER’s that are going unreported. Doctors are afraid to report all of these vaccine complications even though we are clearly seeing them…”

There are a lot of questions which still remain unanswered about the vaccines. It becomes incumbent upon the medical profession to push back on the government and begin to research the harmful effects or the benefits the vaccine might have without disregarding other treatment options available.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the medical complex returned to honing their art of healing instead of sharpening their bureaucratic skills of accumulating as much cash from the government as they can.

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