Too Many Canadian Police are Cowards

Violence in Canada is Only Coming from Law Enforcement

Thank God the Emergencies Act was rescinded yesterday, but the damage is already done. The trucker convoy protesting the COVID mandates did indeed break the law which rises to the level of a traffic violation by clogging up city streets. The misdemeanors  were met with what amounts to a  criminal response from Canadian law enforcement which turned Ottawa into an oppressive war zone.    

Independent journalists on the ground, who have been covering the proceedings since the beginning, have personally vouched for the peaceful nature of this protest.  The truckers even obeyed a judge that ordered them to stop honking their horns and have been spotted cleaning up the garbage, feeding the homeless from their communal kitchens, shoveling snow away from a WW I memorial and praying. This protest was so peaceful there were saunas and a  hot tub, bouncy castles set up for the kids, dancing in the streets and rousing renditions of “O Canada” sung by happy and joyful Canadians.

So, what did Justin Trudeau do in response to a peaceful protest? He invoked the Emergencies Act which gives the state unlimited powers to squash anything deviating from the government’s political agenda of complete control over its citizens. In order for Trudeau to reach his objective of total control he needed law enforcement to implement the crackdowns and sadly they readily acquiesced.

Reports have shown law enforcement forcibly entered the protester’s trucks and even threatened to impound their dogs. There is a viral video of the Mounties pushing through a crowd and the horses trampling two people, one who was an older woman using a mobility device.  In another incident the next day, a journalist obviously wearing press credentials from Rebel News was targeted by an Ottawa police officer and repeatedly hit on the head with a baton as well as fired on at point-blank range with a canister of tear gas.

In the recent past, civilized societies recognized the importance of individuals enforcing just laws of a country in order for human rights and freedom to exist. Unfortunately, the Emergencies Act apparently does not protect human rights and human freedom, let alone keep the peace. The violence seen in the streets came only from one side—law enforcement.

When men and women who are part of law enforcement attack citizens rightfully protesting the overreach of the government, these individuals no longer can have the esteem of a free society, they become the enemies. No one knows what is the mind of the individual cop, however not objecting to an order which brings more harm than it is trying to stop, is hard to accept. Without law enforcement, Trudeau and his power grab would have little success.

How many times does the world have to experience the “I am only following orders” mantra? Clearly, the members of law enforcement in Canada are willingly hiding behind that flag while trouncing the maple leaf flag which once stood to a “glorious and free” Canada. 

Trudeau’s true henchmen in law enforcement who comply with his dictatorial orders either believe in a tyrannical government or are cowards saving their own skin and their perceived livelihoods.

How nice it would be to have ordinary cops, citizens themselves, rebel and disobey evil orders meant to suppress and control their fellow countrymen.  In the future, hopefully, many will follow their conscience and fight against totalitarianism instead of their neighbor.  

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