The Rise of the Sexually Confused

A recent Gallup Poll of more than 10,000 adults was conducted in 2022, asking respondents to identify their sexual orientation. The results are unbelievable. Of those claiming to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or other, there has been a statistically significant increase from previous generations. Here is the breakdown:

1.7%Silent Generation (ages 78-95)

2.7%Baby Boomers ages (59-77)

3.3%Generation X (ages 43-58)

11.2%Millennials (ages 27-42)

19.7%Generation Z (ages 18-26)

Are we to believe that this sudden increase is simply the result of a more tolerant and accepting society as LBGTQ activists would like you to think? Are we to suppose that almost 20% of young people aged 18-26 suddenly act against what is normal, natural, and necessary to sustain our species? Indeed, the pro-LGBTQ grooming of school children in the last ten years has contributed to the sudden increase. However, other forces include demonic online influences like anime, cosplay, pornography, and social contagion.  

A case in point is the sidekick of the widely popular children’s YouTube content creator, Mr. Beast. Mr. Beast’s sidekick, Chris Tyson, came out a few weeks ago as a transgender woman. Mind you that Tyson married a woman in 2018 and had a son with her in 2020. It has also been reported by the Daily Caller that “Tyson was into pedophilic anime porn before coming out as trans.”  After the announcement, Tyson quickly deleted an offensive Tweet about “Loli, “ a reference to a novel by Vladimir Nabokov entitled Lolita. This novel is infamous for its unwholesome depiction of young girls and babies. It is no wonder Jeffrey Epstein’s plane was nicknamed the Lolita Express.

A California mom also related how she rescued her daughter from a transgender nightmare. According to her account, “My daughter immersed herself into anime art and cosplaying, the hobby of dressing like fantastical characters. I didn’t know that anime and cosplaying could overwhelm a young mind. I didn’t know that anime and cosplaying involved gender-bending themes and that the community crosses into pedophilic and sexual themes. I also didn’t know that the older cosplay community groomed the younger cohorts.”

Then there is also the social contagion phenomenon of this abnormal increase in those identifying as LGBTQ. Clinically it is referred to as rapid onset gender dysphoria, which has been well documented by author Abigail Shrier in her book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. Shrier chronicles how paid influencers on social media are unduly manipulating teenage girls. They seem to get an instant boost in social status when they come out as any letter of the pride alphabet. She also found out through extensive interviews with parents and victims that in some communities, as much as 70% of girls in any given social circle identified as lesbian, bisexual, nonbinary, transgender, etc., only if their friends had.

Do you still think that one out of five of these kids just organically, without outside influences, suddenly turned queer?  Do you believe they were just, as the activists say, “born that way”? What is also interesting about the Gallup Poll is that 58% of adults that claim to be LGBTQ identify as bi-sexual – meaning that they are unfortunately morally craven and hopelessly lost, seeking pleasure anywhere they can find it.

We are witnessing the total systematic destruction of the nuclear family unit and all the goodness, truth, and love it stands for. Homosexual unions, out-of-wedlock children, couples living together, and marriages ending in divorce have increased since the 1960s sexual revolution.  What is new is that underage children are now rebelling against their parent’s wishes with the help of complicit schools and unethical psychologists/doctors who hope to hide the gender transition of their students and patients.

The Blessed Mother warned the world at Fatima through the words of Sister Lucia in a hand-written to Cardinal Carlo Caffarra that “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family.” Sister Lucia said, “Don’t be afraid because anyone who operates for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be contended and opposed in every way because this is the decisive issue.”

How long this final battle will last is anyone’s guess. We already know that, ultimately, the victory will be won as Mary crushes the head of the serpent.  But in the meantime, you must get in the fight to save as many from the onslaught of suffering sure to follow as the family continues to be attacked.

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