The Hardship of Illegal Immigration


Illegal immigration in the United States has reached an all-time high since the Biden administration took over the reins of government last year. It has been estimated that nearly 4.9 million people have entered the country illegally since Biden became president. Along with the influx of illegals have also come the logical consequences of federal policies that allow anyone without proper vetting to gain entrance into the country. Astonishing rates of human trafficking, drugs, disease and crime have accompanied the many caravans storming the border as well as an increased apprehension of suspected terrorists.

While one may feel a certain sympathy for the brutal conditions illegal immigrants are exposed to in their country of origin or the treacherous journey they endure while crossing our southern border, we must disavow ourselves from thinking that they are all somehow more noble or moral than the average American citizen. Often times illegal aliens are in league with vicious Mexican drug cartels, do not plan on assimilating into our culture, do not share our Judeo-Christian values, and do not have any allegiance or loyalty the United States of America.

Illegal immigrants are breaking the laws of this country and just because these laws are not being enforced by an administration hell bent on destroying America, does not justify their entry. It is akin to a looter who does not personally smash the windows and break into the store, but nonetheless steals the valuable goods inside. By entering illegally, immigrants are taking limited resources (whether they be housing, welfare, education or healthcare) that are not rightfully theirs without the expressed permission of those who actually pay for these services through a heavy tax burden, namely American citizens and legal immigrants. Steve Cortes has reported that Portland, Maine has already spent 40 million dollars over the last 18 months caring for illegal aliens. Many other towns and cities are in the same boat as their own citizens suffer. This is not moral or just.  While our Christian faith does call us to provide help for the needy, charity should be freely given and not coerced by the government.

Those who are in favor of illegal immigration are also wrong in their thinking. Typically, these are the uber-rich progressives who own walled off mansions and hire security details.  Their enormous wealth insulates them from the ugly side of illegal immigration. They will never be personally affected by the burden that more needy people can bring to a municipality. “No person is illegal,” is their rallying cry to virtue signal their moral superiority – that is until 50 immigrants are brought to their utopian island.

Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most privileged places on the east coast with median single family dwellings selling for 1.3 million dollars and an average yearly income of $132,000.   With this base of wealth, how were the Martha’s Vineyard progressives not able to accommodate only 50 people when nearly 200,000 vacationers visit the island each year? There are countless hotels and rentals that could have easily housed the illegal immigrants indefinitely, but instead our betters called in the National Guard and summarily deported them to destinations unknown. The tolerant, inclusive, diversity is our strength elite couldn’t have 50 Venezuelans “trashing” the place up. Just ask NBC news who likened the illegal immigrants to trash in a now deleted tweet. The hypocrisy is stunning from these people. The disease, crime and drugs are okay for the common folk in border towns across America, but heaven forbid that the rich and famous should be exposed to it.

Illegal immigration is truly a crisis. It is actually the invasion of our country by foreign enemies. Author and former 60 Minutes anchor and investigative reporter, Lara Logan, has through a highly placed source at the United Nations discovered that at the highest levels, meetings have been conducted proving the Biden immigration policy is not merely incompetence or accidental. The goal of the Great Reset globalists is to import 100 million new people into the United States.  

The reasons for this invasion are threefold. 1.) To create a borderless society and thus end the sovereign rights of the United States of America. 2.) To import illegals antithetical to the American way of life and to dilute the current population so many more will not know about our freedoms, culture, values and the knowledge of our founding. 3.) To ultimately create a North American governance structure (including Canada and Mexico) which will be part of the New World Order.

This is no longer conspiracy theory. It is happening right before our eyes. To support illegal immigration under these circumstances is to have a death wish for the world. Your children and grandchildren will not have the freedom and quality of life that you have enjoyed. We all need to stop thinking emotionally and being manipulated by the media on the issue of illegal immigration. As a sovereign nation we have the responsibility and right to secure our borders from those who might do us harm. It is imperative that the United States remains a free country. If we fail, the rest of the world will fall and if that happens, God help us.

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