The Five Foolish Virgins

Thirty-Second Sunday-A In the northern hemisphere, when sunlight diminishes and  leaves fall, nature reminds us of life's fragility. Western culture annually recognizes the change with ghouls and goblins decorating houses and children teasing homeowners with the phrase ‘trick or treat” and demanding the ransom of candy.The next day, the Church celebrates all the saints who … Continue reading The Five Foolish Virgins

Anarchy Against the Divine

Twenty-Seventh Sunday-A As with last week, Jesus informs the Chief Priests and Elders about the Kingdom of God using a parable, this time about a vineyard and its tenants.  The story begins by describing the owner of the vineyard who tamed the land and provided all the necessary structures to secure a harvest when the … Continue reading Anarchy Against the Divine

The Problem with Human Projection

Twenty-Fifth Sunday- A Ludwig Feuerbach, the nineteenth-century German philosopher who greatly influenced Karl Marx, postulated that the existence of God, the idea of God, is simply a tendency of human beings to create an ideal being with all of our best qualities. In other words, God is nothing more than a person's projection of a … Continue reading The Problem with Human Projection

You Cannot Serve Two Masters

Last week, the familiar parable of the Prodigal Son depicts a younger and immature son coming to his senses. He finally returns to his father only after realizing his life was spiraling out of control and his demise was near. Today’s Gospel message, also takes the form of a parable, and the conditions are similar … Continue reading You Cannot Serve Two Masters