Synod on Synodality Final Report

Part 1

The long-awaited report from the October 2023 Synod on Synodality was published on Friday, October 28th. The document is 42 pages long, and this initial report, on the surface, does not contain any specific changes to doctrine regarding the many contemporary issues discussed – like the role of women, married priests, communion for the divorced and remarried, and blessings for LGBT couples. 

According to the synod’s protocol, each paragraph of the document had to be voted on individually and receive at least a two-thirds majority of the 344 voting participants to make it into the final copy. Bear in mind that among those included in the synod as representatives from the USA were some of the most progressive Cardinals around – Blasé Cupich, Wilton Gregory, and Joseph Tobin. In addition,  Fr. James Martin and activist laywoman Cynthia Bailey Manns were also included in the US delegation.

Many critics of this synod claimed that the deck was stacked against tradition, with most participants expressing a similar progressive worldview. Even the artwork promoting the synod last year that was posted to the official Twitter (X) site screamed of radical change as it depicted a woman in priestly vestments and an androgynous character in a pride tee shirt. From the looks of things, the critics appear to be correct.

Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, believes that this synod has been a way to permanently change the doctrines of the Church by slowly and deliberately moving the moral goalposts as a way of softening up the faithful little by little. The fact that these topics are even up for discussion in the first place is a huge red flag, as they are all non-starters based on the scriptures, Catholic teaching, and 2,000 years of tradition.

The Synod on Synodality strategy goes something like this: First, talk about and discern the issues in a synodal way; then write a report that contains “Matters of Consideration” and “Proposals” about the issues without making any specific changes; then give time for Catholics to wrap their heads around the ideas, all the while pumping out propaganda that is highly favorable of the changes; and finally upend the doctrine and claim that it has been the work of the Holy Spirit.

Cardinal Muller claims that the entire process was controlled and intentionally manipulated, as demonstrated by the choice of leftist keynote speakers like Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, the heretical General Relator of the synod, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, and other radical influencers.  Despite Cardinal Muller’s extensive theological background and knowledge, he was only given three minutes during the entire synod (one month’s time) to address the entire group. He also claimed that the experience was one of being talked down to without the opportunity for many substantive theological discussions. It was like he was at an undergraduate-level workshop at a seminary or university.

In an exclusive interview with the National Catholic Register (NCR), journalist Edward Pentin Cardinal Muller stated, “I think the goal is to make the Church conform more with this international Agenda 2030. And we’ve seen [this] in the politics of who is invited to publicly visit the Pope. They’re not normal families with five children — they are never invited. No, they’re usually bisexuals, transsexuals, and so on, and this is all a provocation — there’s all this propaganda. No orthodox bishops are shown meeting him, but the abortion party, they are always there.” 

Cardinal Muller also went on to say, “But in the end, all of these so-called synodal reflections are aimed at preparing us to accept homosexuality. Only this: What wasn’t spoken about was Jesus Christ [or] divine Revelation, the grace of human persons created according to the image and likeness of God, and of God as the goal of our human existence. All is being turned around so that now we must be open to homosexuality and the ordination of women. If you analyze it, all is about converting us to these two themes.”

[Part two of this post will be published on Thursday]

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