My Body, My Choice—Really?

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My, body, My choice is a universal right only for women who want to abort their babies

In the last post we highlighted the truth about religious and medical exemptions as nothing more than a lie propagated by the Marxists running the government and corporations.   It was further proven the desire to make the vaccine mandate a universal dictum, those in positions of leadership needed to eliminate a person’s conscientious objection.

The communists really don’t  understand why a conscience is so important because it is a faculty intricately connected with God, a belief they have disavowed for quite a while. Once you do not believe in God or do not communicate with God, a person ‘s conscience hardens almost like a muscle which atrophies due to lack of use. The conscience remains in these individuals, but it becomes very ineffectual because there is no relationship with God who informs the conscience.

What the Marxists still believes and promotes, are social and cultural fads which serve to strengthen the God-less society they desire. Nothing is truer than the slogan, “My body, My choice.”  The history of the cultural transformation surprisingly began in the 1920’s. The German communist movement used a similar phrase with the same meaning, ‘Your body belongs to you,” or, “keep your hands off my body.”   Regardless of what phrase is used, the thrust is to promote a culture of abortion and contraception for women. In other words, women should not have to be responsible for indiscriminate sexual acts. They should be free to do what they want, any time they want. The movement was intended to pretend women can be like men, but nature has a different understanding, hence the enormous amount of abortive killings.

The culture of death didn’t take long to find its way to America since the horrific 1973 Supreme Court decision of Rove vs. Wade.  The license the court gave to women to engage in the evil act of abortion was made culturally acceptable for many by the phrase, “My body, My choice.” It implies a person’s body is their own business, and no government can abuse the right, under the protection of the law to kill their own flesh and blood. The elevation of legalized abortion is stunning, and so are the numbers of poor souls executed by the barbaric and evil practice which has been normalized by those who do not want God in any part of human life, both private and public. My body, my choice has been foolishly raised to a human right. But if it truly a human right, then why is it only used for abortion? If it is a right, shouldn’t it be universal and applicable in all situations?

If the culture, or at least the leaders, follow the precept of my body, my choice, then it should apply to not only women, but also men.  If it is important as they say it is to protect a person, then it should include possibilities far more reaching than abortion, and clearly it doesn’t. The term and the passion behind the push are hollow and hypocritical.

Christian and good women everywhere in the work place who have refused the vaccine mandate for religious reasons, specifically because of the aborted fetus parts in the research or development of the vaccines, are not afforded the same ‘right’ as women who want to be the cause of the aborted fetuses. These women are discriminated against and if you use the cultural definition of a woman’s unbreakable right to choose about her own body, then the government and corporations should honor the decision and give them an exemption from then vaccine mandate. Of course, they don’t which proves the so-called human right of a woman’s body is only applicable to those who fall in line with the Communists.  

Christian women who are against the vaccine mandate for religious reasons, could care less about some silly slogan especially when the slogan promotes death.  But what they do care about is fairness and a respect for their religious convictions a civilized society should afford them.  What is clear, the respect and fairness of a religious belief is not in the parlance of Marxism, even if you are a woman.

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