Marxist First Lie, Then Tell the Truth

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The Con of Religious and Medical Exemptions

The American government and corporations who have taken on Marxist policies have something in common. They first lie, and when it seems safe to, tell the public the truth of what they have wanted to do all along.

Nothing highlights the strategy more than the farce concerning religious and medical exemptions to the unconstitutional vaccine mandate. The falsehood starts by first acquiescing the long-standing policy of a person’s right to honor their own conscience and abstain from any procedure or policy which offends their values or their beliefs.  Civil western societies for many years honored this principle and Marxist are aware of this, so to start to undermine the commonly held belief of conscientious objection would need a strategy which is now becoming clear. Lie first, then tell the truth.

To placate those individuals who have grown up with the belief their conscience was the ultimate end of decision making, a step was needed to cut into the tradition and finally eliminate it for good. The COVID pandemic is a tailor-made excuse to finally eliminate the religious understanding of a person’s right to follow not the government, but their own conscience in matters deeply personal to them.

It goes something like this. The governmental and corporate Marxists began by telling their recalcitrant employees who refused to take the vaccine there was a possibility of relief in applying for a religious or medical exemption. As time is enfolding, very few have received any exemptions what so ever, and the process is shrouded in complete secrecy. No one has any idea who makes up the corporate committee evaluating the exemptions, nor is there any published criteria of how they come to their decision.

In a classic move, the big lie was first told. Corporations gave their employees false hopes while at the same time showing how “ethical” they are by listening to the concerns of their employees.  The exemption process in most of these companies was done via email and the amount of effort put into consideration is dubious. Regardless, the employees were thrown to the curb, but the company’s official position is the worker willingly resigned after the exemption was denied. The corporations hold on to a position that they are not uncaring or heartless, because the employee resigned on their own accord. They did not resign; they could not apply for an exemption without first stipulating if they were denied, the employee agreed to resign. First the lie, then the truth.

State governments are doing the same thing too. Many of the local police and fire unions in blue states are fighting back against the mandates as an infringement of their medical freedom. It is causing quite a stir, and the rebellion is forcing the Marxists governments in these states to take action, as evidenced in Illinois.

Yesterday, The Federalist reported the Democrats Assembly in Illinois wants to abolish the 1998 Health Care Right and Conscience Act. The law makes it public policy to “respect and protect the right of conscience of all persons who refuse to obtain, receive or accept” health and medical services. It also prohibits “all forms of discrimination, disqualification, coercion, disability or imposition of liability upon such persons” on account of their “refusing to act contrary to their conscience.”  The Federalist goes on, “It furthermore defines “health care” broadly enough to even include testing, defining it as “any phase of patient care, including but not limited to, testing; diagnosis; prognosis; ancillary research…”

What has changed from the 1998 law? Are there no conscience rights anymore? First the lie, then the truth. And the truth is: Communists leaning governments cannot afford to have people live by their conscience. They can be no individual virtue, there can be no God.  Any involvement in a being or belief in virtues superior to the government is a threat to them, and must be crushed.   

For the Marxists, the State is all there needs to be and the people who live under their tyranny need not think, nor pray, or exercise their consciences. The increase activity of governments and corporations show they are afraid or religion, and they should be, because they have finally told the truth about their diabolical plan.  

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