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Just Look at who supports Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination

The Supreme Court nomination hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson have been rather illuminating. Various senators have rightly challenged the judge’s judicial rulings over the course of her legal career.  According to Senator Josh Hawley (MO), Jackson has meted out relatively soft sentences for those convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography. In the seven out of seven cases that came before her bench on child porn, every single sentence was well below what the federal sentencing guidelines recommended.

In law school Jackson also argued that those placed on sex offender lists might be unfairly stigmatized or ostracized. According to Hawley, “She’s suggested [that] public policy is driven by a “climate of fear, hatred & revenge” against sex offenders.” This is a disturbing take on those who harm children and rob them of their innocence.

In a bizarre interaction with Senator Marsha Blackburn (TN) Jackson was unable to provide a definition of a woman stating that, “I’m not a biologist.”  Jackson is supposed to be one of the best minds in the country, Ivy League educated and nominated to the highest court in the land. Her denial to define a woman was no accident.  Clearly it was a nod to the radical LGBT lobby. Other senators grilled her on the defense of an Islamic terrorist once she was in the private sector and also questioned her about views on CRT (critical race theory).

While this spectacle made for some decent conservative sound bites that were later posted to social media and played on television, all one had to do is find the organizations supporting Judge Jackson to see her true political leanings. In an article written for The Hill legal analyst, Jonathan Turley, let us know to whom we can trace back this Supreme Court nomination.

Turley claims that Brown is supported by Bernie Sander’s radical progressive group called Our Revolution. Their website states, “We are working to fulfill our vision of a progressive future by organizing a national network of state and local groups to fight for progressive policies at every level of government.” Another political activist group that is also endorsing Judge Jackson is Demand Justice who’s website banner boldly and brazenly states, “The Supreme Court is broken. We can restore balance by adding seats.” And don’t forget the Center for American Progress which acknowledges that the Biden administration is a political ally in their culture war by stating, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s exemplary background reflects the Biden administration’s commitment to nominating exceptional judges at every level.” 

And by “exceptional” they really mean those who are willing to:

  • Defund the police making communities extremely unsafe
  • Issue soft sentences for criminals – especially for child predators and pedophiles
  • Institute radical gender policies that the deny rights of parents while mutilating and sterilizing children
  • Defend abortion on demand – unbelievably even after the birth of a baby
  • Indoctrinate children into Marxist communist ideology like CRT
  • Sexualize young children in LGBT theory and other forms of perversion
  • Eliminate God given rights by forcing an experimental vaccination
  • Eradicate any mention of God in the public square

We are at war with these people who are hell bent on destroying any decorum, decency and morals remaining in the American ethos. For years they have infiltrated our institutions (including our Church) and unfortunately, they now hold the reins of power. They seek to destroy the Constitution as written and prefer what they call the “living Constitution” that can be, by judicial legislation, easily reformed and revolutionized into each of their warped and sick ideologies.

People of goodwill find themselves rather late in the game to vehemently oppose the sick agenda the radical left has wrought upon our country and other places around the world in the name of democracy. Can you say Ukraine? For Republican senators political posturing by opposing Judge Jackson at the eleventh hour in a nomination hearing for some perceived political points may help their re-election bid, but does not comfort or aid their constituents who may be the victims of Jackson’s rulings.  Based on the current climate and Democrat majority in the Senate, Jackson may very well be confirmed. However, we cannot give up hope. By replacing Justice Breyer, she maintains the progressive minority.  We all must work to regain a moral majority in our local, state and national offices so that once again we can be One Nation Under God – before there is no going back.

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