It Should be Called ‘Shame’ Month

June used to be my favorite month. It marked the end of the school year and the beginning of the joys of summer – warmer weather, concerts in the park, picnics, barbeques, bike rides, trips to pool, and of course frequent visits to the local ice cream shop. I now dread the month of June as the radical Marxist left has taken it hostage along with other things in our culture. There is a constant visual barrage of the false pride of the LGBTQ+ movement which is hell bent on corrupting not only the society at large, but are also targeting innocent children. 

Pride is defined by Merriam Webster as inordinate self-esteem or conceit. This is why it is considered to be one of the seven deadly sins. The Catholic Standard explains it this way,

“Not only is it [pride] a sinful drive in itself, it also plays a role in every other sin we commit. Pride is the sin we most share with Satan and the fallen angels. Satan refused to serve God or to submit to His plan; these are strong tendencies in every human person as well.”

According to The Seven Deadly Sins of the Catholic Church for Dummies, “Pride is the key to all other sins, because you believe that you’re more important than you actually are, you compensate for it when others don’t agree with your judgement. You rationalize your behavior and make excuses for lying, cheating, stealing, insulting, ignoring, and such, because no one understands you like you do. In your mind, you’re underestimated by the world.”  

This is the epitome of the LGBTQ+ movement demanding universal affirmation from everyone else by touting the perverse lifestyle as mainstream, natural and healthy. 

In addition, the very public displays of LGBTQ+ propaganda through parades and “family friendly” programming are getting more and more disturbing, indecent and pornographic.

Has-been pop singer, Christina Aguilera, donned X-rated costumes at the LA Pride concert and the organizer’s website stated the following about age restrictions for attendance, “The LA Pride Parade welcomes all members of the LGBTQ+ community and our allies regardless of age. LA Pride in the Park has no age minimum for the music performance, but no one under 21 years old will be allowed where alcohol is being served.”  So, what was formerly considered to be adult only content is now suddenly acceptable for children as long as homosexuals are organizing it and alcohol is not served? This is absolutely diabolical.

But apparently this unholy alliance of LGBTQ+ promoters don’t even follow the alcohol rule as many gay bars are also offering drag queen shows for families this month. Men dressed up in frightening caricatures of women promiscuously dancing is truly traumatizing for a young psyche and should be off limits for children – full stop.   It is nothing but the sexual exploitation and grooming of innocent children. There are already laws on the books in all states against public indecency and child exploitation but they are not being enforced. We all have to ask ourselves why?

It could be that our elected officials are also demonic and fully behind the depravity of the LGBTQ+ movement. Case in point Dana Nessel, the Attorney General of Michigan, who was recently quoted as saying, “A drag queen for every school! That is what would be fun for the kids and lift them up when they are having emotional issues.  Drag queens—not only are they not hurting our kids—drag queens make everything better! Drag queens are fun.” Nessel is the chief law enforcement official in Michigan and not only is failing to prosecute those currently breaking child endangerment laws, she is advocating for ever more lawlessness. 

Signs of Hope

Our culture is at a breaking point. Men and women of good faith of all ages must now rise up against the immorality and evil we see right before our own eyes. It can happen if we all work together. For instance, a drag queen story hour at an outdoor adventure park in Lemont, IL, geared for children aged 3-8, was shut down due to angry calls from residents. It was replaced with an outdoor story hour which is a huge win, especially for the children who will not be exposed to this depravity.

A good start for everyone is to contact your local public library and recreation centers find out if they are planning to host a drag queen story hour. If so, get your team together and bombard the them with complaints. Catholic and Christians can no longer sit on the sidelines afraid of being called silly pejorative names. There are so many more of us than them and if you do get called out by wicked people, wear that as a badge of honor.

After all, their souls are at risk, and it is our duty as Christians to correct the sinner.  We are correctly instructed to hate the sin, but love the sinner. The LGBTQ+ folks are always using love as one of their talking points but if you truly love, you will help them to understand the truth and come to the fullness of a life rooted in goodness and grace.

We must never stop praying for those caught in this lifeless and narcissistic lifestyle as they must be experiencing immense self-hate and pain within. 

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