Environmentalists Where are You?

The Religion of Climate Change Has Nothing to say

On Friday, Feb. 3 a Norfolk Southern Railroad train derailed in East Palestine, OH. The train was hauling a series of dangerous chemicals and eleven of the thirty-eight cars that derailed were carrying hazardous materials. The most notably aboard was vinyl chloride which has been associated with short term illnesses like dizziness, sore throats, coughing and skin conditions along with the long term risk of cancer. By Sunday, a Feb. 5 authorities were concerned that the railroad cars were in danger of exploding and advised residents to leave the area. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Pennsylvania Governor, Josh Shapiro, signed off on plans to burn the chemicals. On Monday, Feb. 6 an uncontrolled burn of the vinyl chloride was ordered and it was released into trenches around the derailment site and ignited. Pictures captured what look like a black mushroom cloud burning for hours above the town. This toxic cloud then dispersed chemicals throughout the air, land and water, for who knows how far from the original burn site.

Some of the chemicals from the derailment have also leached into the water supply and residents have reported that they have seen dead fish in nearby streams. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources confirmed this and reported that 3,500 fish of 12 species were found dead. Videos have also surfaced that show a rainbow substance (most likely the vinyl chloride) bubbling up to the surface when an object was thrown into the water. Despite all of this, residents were told on Feb. 8 that it was safe to return to their homes and drink the municipal water. This is hard to believe as Cincinnati, which is 280 miles away from East Palestine, cut off their water supply from the Ohio River as a precaution.

This incident is clearly an environmental and public health disaster of immense proportions, so where are all the environmental activists raising up their collective voices? No one expects them to physically show up in the Chernobyl-like town of East Palestine, but how about some outrage on social media from the safety and security of their non-contaminated homes? Where is an impassioned plea from Greta “How Dare You” Thunberg? How about another lecture from Al “Grifter” Gore? Anything from John “Save the Planet” Kerry? A harshly worded statement from Pope “Laudato Si” Francis? Not a word from any Climate Change church leader.

Why? The reason is simple – there is no political gain to be had. It is obvious to all that the Biden Administration (including the EPA and Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg) bungled this whole thing from start to finish and now they are trying to conceal the actual risks, wishing it would just go away. Anyone speaking out on the environmental ramifications would only highlight their total incompetence, lack of any transparency and empathy for the people in the town. But this obvious omission also calls into question the entire cult of climate change. Funny how these folks seem to be more obsessed with a disaster that might happen then with something that actually did happen. Their whole movement fails to ring true as they have now been exposed as frauds, so forgive us if we find it hard to take them or their green agenda very seriously.

Pope Francis calls for the Cry of the Poor in his seven Laudato Si goals. Well, I’ll tell you who is crying and poor – the people of East Palestine. Through no fault of their own, their town has been nuked by toxic chemicals. The property values of their homes, most likely their only major financial investment, will soon be next to zero. People will be forced to move and small businesses will close. East Palestine, where some people have lived their entire lives, will be contaminated for generations to come until these chemicals can be neutralized. Any serious environmentalist, or layman for that matter, knows this to be true. The flora and fauna of this area will be decimated. The people of the town will get sick. But none of the famous climate change activists seem to care because it is not, and never has been really about the environment.

The climate cult of Pachamama has become the global religion of the 21st century and is being used to usher in the New World Order. Faithful members must be compliant, obedient and not question the hierarchy. Sacrifices must be made: don’t have children; kill off the old, infirmed and mentally ill; eat bugs instead of meat; don’t own a car; and travel only 15 miles from your home are all part of their twisted penances. Those who don’t agree with every one of their doctrines must be excommunicated, cancelled and punished.  

But any honest environmentalist who willingly voted for Joe Biden hoping he was going to actually save the planet, must now face the ugly truth that he and his administration simply used your passion and love of the natural world for no other reason but to seize power. Joe Biden could care less about the environment and never has. You’ve been duped. But now the question remains, can you in good faith continue to support a man and his administration that has, when given a chance to prove his commitment to actually saving the planet, failed so miserably without so much as an explanation or apology?  

One more thing, deeply religious people also care about the environment.  We see the hand of God in the beauty of creation – a snowcapped mountain, a vibrant colorful sunset, or clear flowing stream.  But instead of worshipping the creation, we worship the Creator. We know that we are stewards of this beautiful planet God gave us and that we must use its resources judiciously and preserve it for generations to come. The difference between us and the climate cult is that we tell the truth, no matter how inconvenient. Something that your sociopathic environmental overlords will never do. 

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