Created Crisis Divides America

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A jaw dropping poll was released recently indicating 74% of voters believe the country is on the wrong track due to the Biden Administration’s policies.   Fuel costs are surging with no expected let up soon. Inflation is  officially reported to be 8.6% while qualified analysists claim the government is using sleight of hand and the real number is closer to 10%.  The cost of groceries has risen to a 41 year high assuming there will products on the shelves to sell. Just ask mothers who are trying to buy baby formula or women wishing to purchase feminine hygiene products. In short, the country is in a crisis and it isn’t hard to understand why 2/3 of voters are cognizant of the fact.

Americans have always had to deal in crisis, and many times have risen to the occasion and solve the problems which directly affect their lives.  But these crises are different, insofar, as the policies which are causing suffering to many people are purposeful. They are created crises solely for political gain with a desire to substantially change the way of life Americans have been accustomed to.  The crises are manmade and is a strategy that has been used by the left for some time now to exploit and advance radical social and political transformation by inflicting suffering and pain on its citizens.   

The often-heard quip from Rahm Emmanuel during the Obama Administration, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” was a rallying cry to advance political ideology during those years.  Not surprising, the strategy employed by the left comes directly from Rules for Radicals where Saul Alinsky writes, “in the arena of action, a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication.” 

What is quite observable is the left has taken Alinsky’s thought and with the help of the main stream media has tried to use it to their advantage. The left creates the problem then attempts to shift the narrative to what they really want such as, gun control or the elimination of fossil fuels.  With the extent of the damage caused by ginned up problems, the average American is suffering, and as the poll suggests, are starting to reject the leftists’ talking points. In short, many Americans are starting to come to the realization that by saving the planet by killing its inhabitants in the process is a ludicrous policy.  

How You Can tell a Manmade Crisis from a Real One

Throughout the history of this great country, real crises have challenged generations. In recent memory, the stock market crash of 1929, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 terrorist attack to name a few. Some crises were more regional in nature, like specific weather events which displaced many middle- and lower-income families.

In all of these situations, generally speaking, the American people stepped up to the plate and were united as one people, one country, working together to solve and bring relief to their fellow citizens. Not only did Americans benefit from the largess during tragedies, but much of the world were recipients of such exceptional American generosity.  

When a crisis is created however, a different dynamic comes into play. A created crisis does not have the same hallmark of uniting the country behind a common goal. Rather it divides the ideologues from the average person. Clearly, the left’s crises have divided the nation.  Believe it or not, the chaos brought about the created problems of the left and the division of the country is the main goal and as Alinsky suggests, the prerequisite for political and social change.  

With the latest poll, 74% of Americans reject the country’s trajectory and disagree with the Alinsky doctrine.   Thank God, there are still many level headed Americans who intuitively know the path to servitude is a road they wish not travel on.   

The fight for the heart of the country is a real one, and the stakes are not just political but spiritual as well. Evil divides, while the good unites. Hopefully the American people continue see truth and goodness as the only way to live a prosperous and healthy life for themselves and their families, and gain the ability to discern a real crisis from a fake one.  

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