The Rise of the Sexually Confused

A recent Gallup Poll of more than 10,000 adults was conducted in 2022, asking respondents to identify their sexual orientation. The results are unbelievable. Of those claiming to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or other, there has been a statistically significant increase from previous generations. Here is the breakdown: 1.7% - Silent Generation (ages 78-95) … Continue reading The Rise of the Sexually Confused

We Are Living in Perilous Times

For the first time in the history of the United States of America a former president was criminally indicted. Donald J. Trump was arraigned and arrested on Tuesday in New York. This unprecedented action was taken by a partisan district attorney, Alvin Bragg. Bragg, the Soros-funded DA, campaigned on the promise of targeting Trump. Yet … Continue reading We Are Living in Perilous Times

Perpetuating the Lie

For all the phony talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion the transgender movement refuses to allow for any differences of opinion. There isn't a ‘live and let live ideology’ as many have claimed, but rather the deceitful movement demands that everyone unilaterally parrot the orthodoxy. A British women’s rights activist named Posie Parker (a.k.a. Kellie-Jay … Continue reading Perpetuating the Lie

When ESG and the Markets Collide

In our last post, Wokeness Broke Silicon Valley Bank, we gave some background on the history of Silicon Valley Bank’s risky investments coupled with its ESG management style. A company that adopts the ESG paradigm receives a relative score which is supposed to provide current and future investors with its overall commitment and cult-like adherence … Continue reading When ESG and the Markets Collide

Women Who Need a Catechism Lesson

Sorry Ladies, Abortion is NOT a Christian Value Prominent entertainers publicly supporting the slaughter of unborn babies under the pretext of “mercy” and “Christian values” is an outrageous new form of gaslighting that we are regrettably being subjected to by the mainstream media. One is reminded of the timeless verse from the Prophet Isaiah: Ah! … Continue reading Women Who Need a Catechism Lesson

Environmentalists Where are You?

The Religion of Climate Change Has Nothing to say On Friday, Feb. 3 a Norfolk Southern Railroad train derailed in East Palestine, OH. The train was hauling a series of dangerous chemicals and eleven of the thirty-eight cars that derailed were carrying hazardous materials. The most notably aboard was vinyl chloride which has been associated with … Continue reading Environmentalists Where are You?

Chaos in the Skies?

Is this the remake of Orson Welles 1938 “War of the Worlds” or is it Something New? In the last eight days, four unidentified flying objects have been identified over North America. All of them have been shot down. Last week, GMC raised legitimate questions about the intracontinental Chinese spy balloon in our article Sovereignty … Continue reading Chaos in the Skies?

They Lied People Died

During a Monday night football game this week Buffalo Bill’s safety, Damar Hamilton, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest after being hit. Thankfully due to quick and professional medical care he was revived on site and later transported to the hospital. He remains in critical condition. It is not known whether his heart attack was the … Continue reading They Lied People Died

The Hope a Newborn Baby Brings

There is something so extraordinary about the birth of a new born baby. Any mother knows the flood of love that engulfs her entire being when she first holds her baby, gazing tenderly down upon the helpless bundle before her.  She has a love so pure and complete it has no conditions, no limitations, and … Continue reading The Hope a Newborn Baby Brings

SCOTUS Leaker Still Free

Only 40 Possible SuspectsThe Supreme Court of the United States has begun its 2022-2023 session this October. There are many cases on the docket, and some of interest include: an admission case against Harvard and the University of North Carolina for allegedly discriminating against highly qualified Asian applicants; an election clause case in North Carolina … Continue reading SCOTUS Leaker Still Free