As the Worms Turn

“Who scapes the lurking serpent’s mortal sting? Not he who sets foot upon her back. The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on…”   -Henry VI, Part III

Remember how politicians, election officials and the media kept repeating over and over again that the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election – held after many states’ election laws had been radically changed to allow mail-in ballots because Covid – was the “most secure in American history”?

And remember how anybody who questioned the mass mailing of unsolicited mail-in ballots during the 2020 election was mocked and censored on social media for even suggesting that it posed a serious threat to democracy even though allowing unsecured “drop boxes” and unprecedented extensions of  “Election Day” allowed partisans to illegally stuff the ballot boxes, as the “2000 Mules” documentary exposed?

Well, the worms are now turning, and they’re not who you think they are.

A Chancery Court judge in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware ruled earlier this month that the state’s mail-in voting statute is a violation of the Delaware Constitution and will “result in the dilution of constitutional votes with unconstitutional votes.”

Vice Chancellor Nathan Cook also issued an injunction ordering the Delaware Department of Elections to stop accepting applications for no-excuse absentee ballots because “the courts would be faced with the impossible task of ‘unscrambling the eggs’ of an election undermined by unconstitutional votes.”

But Delaware is not the only one having second thoughts about mail-in ballots.

Woke coffee shop chain Starbucks claimed that the National Labor Relations Board “engaged in highly improper, systematic misconduct” in handling mail-in ballots used in elections to unionize Starbucks employees.

“In light of these types of misconduct by NLRB personnel, we request the Board immediately suspend all Starbucks mail-ballot elections nationwide … until there has been a thorough investigation,” Starbucks’ general counsel wrote in a 14-page letter to the NLRB, demanding an investigation and “safeguards to prevent future misconduct.”

One of those safeguards, Starbucks maintains, is holding future unionization elections in person.

So, we are now to believe that mail-in ballots are not legal or secure enough for Joe Biden’s home state or Starbucks, but they’re perfectly fine for everybody else?


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