Anatomy of Propaganda

The Canadian Experience: The First Three Steps

Propaganda is nothing new, it has been used for quite a while to persuade the masses into a desired behavior. Those who are subjected to propaganda, which is most people in the world, have never took the time to examine how they are being manipulated before it is too late. The recent Canadian trucker protest is a great example of how the Canadian government under Justin Trudeau, tried and failed to use propaganda to expand the COVID mandates throughout Canada. It is important to note the peaceful protest was never about the COVID vaccine because most Canadians are already vaccinated, but rather the overreach of the government’s authority and control over average every day Canadian citizens.

Every propaganda campaign begins with an unyielding ideology. If the propaganda is malevolent, as in the case of Canada, the false message no matter how outrageous it may sound in the beginning, is repeated over and over again until the majority of the populace begins to believe the lie.  To ensure a following, the falsehoods are couched with words which seem acceptable and desirable to the average person; e.g., death, severe illness, public safety, common good, charitable acts, tools and responsible to name a few.

Using benevolent language does not mitigate the government’s falsehoods.  The official governmental line which never changed, was to emphatically state the only way to combat COVID is through vaccines and mandated policies of lockdowns followed by the imprimatur of their “science” claim.  No other possibilities were ever considered, even though true science told us otherwise. The first stage of the propaganda was achieved.

The crazed world jumped on board through ignorance and only heard what was continually meant to scare them– serious illness or death. The second stage of propaganda closely fell into line by convincing citizens to be afraid and the only solution is to believe the government in order to be safe.   A private citizen cannot save themselves, only the government can, they kept proclaiming.

Governments who started the irrational fear had a solution and claimed masks, distancing and vaccines are the only way to keep people safe, but as we now know, the claim was absolutely false. In the interim, many civil liberties had been stripped away like worshipping God, going to school, being treated with all different types of medical modalities, and worst of all, free speech and peaceful assembly. The Canadian truckers know this better than anyone.

The third stage and final stage of the COVID propaganda campaign was to enlist foot soldiers to propagate and spread the misinformation throughout society.

Conveniently for the Canadian and other democratic governments the third stage of propaganda is nothing to worry about. Main stream media was more than happy to continue the lie through their platforms. Over and over again, television networks like CNN and Canadian Broadcasting Company continually updated deaths related to COVID. As time has gone on, the inflated COVID death counts have also come into question. Regardless, the mainstream media and tech did everything in their power to continue the governmental messaging. The third stage proved to be quite simple and successful.

Then a strange thing happened. Ordinary citizens like the Canadian truck drivers and others started to listen and think what they have been told is not true. Seventy to eighty percent of the Canadian public have been fully vaccinated. What the ordinary Canadian citizen observed was many of their friends and family still got sick and some went to the hospital. The vaccines did not cure COVID in Canada. The Canadians observed the mandates of the government would not stop the spread nor eliminate the virus. Common sense finally descended on a few of the truckers and their families and the peaceful protest began. The protest was to push back on Justin Trudeau’s propaganda and his wish for full power. In response, Trudeau enacted the first time ever Emergency Act to save his ill-gotten power under the cover of the COVID pandemic. When the boot of propaganda is forcibly pried off the neck of the public, propogandists fight like the dickens to keep it there.   

Before the Emergency Act was enacted, Trudeau knew his lies and narrative was beginning to crumble and attacked his citizens by claiming those who were unvaccinated were either racist or misogynist or both.  Specifically, he smeared the peaceful protesters as being a fringe minority with unacceptable views.

When his rhetoric didn’t work, he pulled out the magic bullet of every dictatorship—complete destruction of the opposition by death, imprisonment and financial ruin. It happened in Germany under Hitler; it happened in Russia under Stalin; and it is happening in China under Xi Jinping and Canada under Trudeau.  

There is no longer a threat to Democracy, there is a full out assault on it.

United States citizens beware and learn!

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