The Threat to Democracy- Trudeau

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The left is constantly yapping about the ‘threat to democracy”. Now we see the real threat. Justin Trudeau’s Canada is now under martial law in response to a peaceful protest. 


Canadian truckers staged a nationwide convoy and “park-in” to protest the draconian Covid-19 policies established by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada. The protests have been peaceful in nature, albeit a bit noisy. In response to the protest, Trudeau enacted for the first time ever, The Emergency’s Act in Canada labeling the protesters as terrorists. Trudeau states,  “These tools include strengthening their ability to impose fines or imprisonment … financial institutions will be … directed to … regulat[e] and prohibit the use of property to fund or support illegal blockade”.

The protests started on January 15th, when the Canadian government imposed a mandate stating that all unvaccinated truckers re-entering the country from the United States must get tested for Covid-19 and quarantine themselves.  One section of the announcement is especially troubling which comes directly from the government’s website and states, “The final decision regarding entry and quarantine is made by a government representative at the port of entry, based on the information presented to them at the time.” Which basically means that one government representative without any accompanying standards, metrics or due process could essentially ground a trucker if he/she deems that person presents a risk.  This policy has both huge economic and social implications – hence the pushback.

Prior to the new ruling, Trudeau called any unvaccinated person a racist and misogynist. This is rich coming from the man in blackface. Trudeau appeared in blackface so many times he can’t recall the exact number, but honest hardworking people who are peacefully protesting for their God given rights are slandered as racists. But as with most progressives like Trudeau, it is so much easier to make ad hominin attacks than actually defend a policy or position. 

On January 26, Trudeau claimed that the truckers represented what he called a, ‘fringe minority’ and that they had ‘unacceptable views.’  This is a frightening statement and one that most certainly has been uttered from the lips of evil tyrants of history like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao who dealt with those who held ‘unacceptable views’ by condemning them to prisons, gulags, concentration camps and public shaming sessions.

According to Trudeau it is unacceptable to reject an experimental medical treatment against your will. It is unacceptable to make your own medical decisions. It is unacceptable to be in public without a mask. It is unacceptable to hold church services as demonstrated by the repeated arrests of Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski. Trudeau’s own half-brother, Kyle Kemper, called him out for this outrageous statement and also accused him of answering to and being a mouthpiece of Klaus Schwab and the maniacal elites of the World Economic Forum (WEF). 

Trudeau also said that the truckers do not represent the, ‘views of Canadians.’ The jokes on him as countless countrymen from a variety of provinces came out along the highways in frigid weather waving encouraging signs and the Canadian red and white maple leaf flag to cheer on the truckers as they made their pilgrimage toward Ottawa. By turning out, the Canadian people graciously showed their love, gratitude and respect as they knew the truckers, who may have sacrificed their own health, provided for their families the necessary staples when the pandemic first began. After a long arduous journey, the truckers arrived in Ottawa on January 28.

Since then, Trudeau has refused to meet with the them. Although he was fully vaccinated and boosted, Trudeau conveniently got COVID prior to the convoy’s entrance into Ottawa.  He was forced to quarantine himself unable to meet or negotiate with the truckers. Fearing for his life, he was quietly removed from the capital to a secure location.  Finally on February 7, Trudeau emerged to make his case in the House of Commons but made it clear that there would be absolutely no debate or relaxation of the severe COVID mandates that Canada has been suffering under for almost two years. During the quarantine he must have gotten an earful from Klaus and his marching orders from the oligarchs of the WEF. True democracy in Canada has only been an illusion under Trudeau’s tenure, and this situation has definitely shone a bright light on this deception.

The truckers, who are everyday men and women from all over Canada, have been a beacon of hope for a pandemic weary world tired of their governments desperately holding on to arbitrary and unscientific decrees that have stripped them of the freedoms they once enjoyed. Instinctively we have all known that something was not right about this whole affair. It took the resolve of those who are often looked down upon as being uneducated, uncouth and gruff to finally take a stand against the global forces who want to control our every move. The truckers are not just fighting for Canadians, but for all who cherish freedom.

The fight is not over. HONK, HONK! 

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