Whoopie got Suspended for being Wrong. Reddit Cancelled me for being Right

Whoopie Goldberg was recently suspended from ABC’s “The View” for making the ignorant and demonstrably wrong statement that the Holocaust was “not about race,” but really about “white people doing it to white people.” As if the Nazi government was not literally hellbent on eradicating Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and other people it considered inferior to the Aryan “race.” They also exterminated the mentally disabled and homosexuals, in addition to murdering many others – including thousands of Catholic priests – who stood up against their genocidal regime. But Jews in particular were targeted simply for being Jews.

Whoopie’s faux pas netted her a two-week suspension after the cancel culture she’s been championing on the show turned on her instead of its usual targets. But her two-week suspension (a vacation, really) was met by howls of outrage on social media.

This is the same hypocritical social media that tries to intimidate, discredit, cancel and destroy anybody who doesn’t follow the party line.

I should know. I got permanently excommunicated from Reddit – not for making a wrong statement like Whoopie Goldberg did, but for being right.

I recently posted on a sub-Reddit thread r/Virginia about Jason Miyares, the new attorney general in Virginia [“Miyares says Roe v. Wade was ‘wrongly decided,’ and Va. now views Constitution as silent on abortion”].

My comments were in response to “GreenieWeenie” – who stated that “Politics and stance on abortion aside, people from both parties should be pretty troubled by the fact that an Attorney General thinks he can just decide that a court ruled incorrectly and enforce law in their state based on his own view of the matter. And before conservatives start praising this as the right thing to do “cuz abortion bad,” ask yourself what happens when Democratic AGs start deciding SCOTUS ruled incorrectly on landmark gun rights cases and that people in fact do not have an individual right of firearm ownership.”

My reply was that those complaining about Miyares were hypocrites because defeated Democratic AG Mark Herring “just decided” that the General Assembly-passed and Virginia voter-approved amendment to the Virginia Constitution that a legal marriage in the commonwealth was between one man and one woman was “wrongly decided” and due to his own personal belief, he would not defend it in court.

I also stated to another Reddit user that the leftists’ “my body, my choice” rallying cry apparently only applied to killing babies, not to whether somebody should be forced to take an experimental “vaccine” for which no long-term safety studies have been done and for which the pharmaceutical companies are excused from any liability if the jabs injure or kill anybody.

And just like that, Reddit permanently blocked me.

When I inquired as to how I violated their “content standards,” Reddit employees informed me that using the term “killing babies” in regard to abortion was “misogynistic,” and that stating the fact that the various coronavirus jabs that are being pushed on the populace are “untested” was spreading “misinformation,” despite the fact that these are both statements of fact and demonstrably true.

If a woman is pregnant, she will give birth to a baby in nine months. If she has an abortion, the baby will be killed. And the jabs have only been approved under an Emergency Use Authorization because they have not undergone the thorough testing required by the FDA for any other pharmaceutical product.

So I replied that “you snowflakes wouldn’t recognize Truth if it bit you in the posterior.”

And then I realized that Reddit and all the other social media that censor, de-platform and erase anybody who disagrees with the narrative they constantly regurgitate are nothing more than electronic Towers of Babel, where truth-telling cannot and will not be tolerated. At some point, they become so cut off from what is real and right, they are incapable of recognizing it.

This is evil. It leads to madness. And it is destined to fail, just as the Third Reich was consigned to the ash heap of history.

“No one in the world can change Truth. What we can do and should do is to seek truth and to serve it when we have found it. – St. Maximilian Kolbe.

If you’re sincerely seeking the Truth, just skip Reddit and “The View” – because those are two places where it will certainly not be found.

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