When Virtue Becomes Communal

the dismantling of western civilization

The amount of devastation the cultural revolution has caused is undeniable. Traditions and customs based upon Judeo-Christian principles continue to be summarily dismissed as racist and bigoted by those who seek to dismantle and transform Western Civilization.  The transformation is based upon an opposite opinion of how individuals relate to each other in a societal framework. What Western Civilization has promoted for centuries is the balancing of the human freedom and responsibility of an individual person, to act honorably. Once freedom is secured, it is then integrated into a larger communal life.  A great example used to be a person has the right to free speech, but cannot yell “fire” in a theater.   

By transforming society, basic logic indicates the priorities of a Judeo-Christian society must be flip-flopped whereby the communal becomes preeminent and, in many cases, has squashed, or eliminated individual human freedom as the enemy of communal existence.  The fight is right in front of your eyes with the constant calls of a government having the authority to vaccinate every citizen whether they want it or not, all in the name of public “communal” safety. Can you be anymore virtuous?

The left has been working on the program for quite a while and succeeded in convincing many people there is no such thing as individual virtue and responsibility. The only virtue worth paying attention to is communal virtue and has been accepted by many because of the advantages of throwing out the window any individual guilt, responsibility and obligation.

The greatest transgression in today’s culture is a sin against the communal virtue based primarily on race and social standing. No longer in a communal virtue paradigm can there be sins against the flesh; sins of deceit; or, sins against treatment of other human beings.

Over the past 50 years the rise in cohabitation has exponentially increased. It is so common now, there is no scandal attached to it whatsoever. It is of course presumed, those living together are living conjugal lives in direct opposition to Christian teachings. What frees the couple from guilt is the communal virtue which supports the immoral behavior as an acceptable and even encouraged behavior. The couple can see themselves as good persons because they follow the communal virtue nonsense while at the same time deadening their individual consciences daily.  

Communal virtue also accepts the telling of untruths if the situation dictates. How many lies does a public have to endure from institutions and their members who are placed in positions of authority obligated to telling the truth? Truth in a communal virtue world is a very small commodity.

Communal virtue also exonerates the horrible actions a human can inflict on another human being. The amount or murders in big cities has sky rocketed to a level of absurd. And yet, not a word about 10 or 20 or 30 shootings in a city over weekend!  They continue to happen regularly because no sin against communal virtue has been committed.

What else isn’t in the communal book of virtue is a “live and let live” motto. The moment a person does not exhibit an unwavering obedience to the state or corrupted authority, he/she is immediately cancelled.  It is not meant as a punishment, but meant to destroy a person and his family by taking away his right to support himself and his family.  Such are the communal virtues, narrow and destructive precepts perverting the true virtues on which Western Civilization was based.



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