War Offensive Has Moved to Babies

On October 20, 2022 the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted in a unanimous 15-0 decision to include the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine to the childhood immunization schedule.  This is despite the fact that the Covid-19 inoculation has been an abject failure in both preventing the spread and acquisition of the virus. On top of that, the clot shot has been associated with many adverse effects. GMC reported on this during the summer in our article entitled Neither Safe or Effective.

According to the CDC’s website, the members of the ACIP are selected by the Department of Health and Human Services through an application process and, “have expertise in vaccinology, immunology, pediatrics, internal medicine, nursing, family medicine, virology, public health, infectious diseases, and/or preventive medicine.” How then could this group of 15 supposed experts approve a vaccine for children six months and up that not only doesn’t work, but has been associated with an inordinate amount of injury and death as presented by Senator Ron Johnson (WI) through the VAERS system?

The motive according to Dr. Robert Malone is one of liability. In an article published on LifeSite News, Dr. Malone stated, “If this product is put on the childhood schedule, Congress does not have a say in the funding. Furthermore, if the emergency use authorization (EUA) vanishes, then the liability of the companies would continue under the childhood schedule. This is corruption.” Malone goes on to say, “ACIP’s decision to add the COVID-19 shots is based on regulatory capture, budgetary issues, politics, and it is not based on scientific data.”

RFK’s Children’s Health Defense agrees with this premise stating that, “The committee members’ votes solidify their steadfast loyalty to protecting pharma profits at the cost of children’s lives. This is the first step to granting permanent, blanket liability protection for all current and future COVID-19 injections. This vote solidifies the capture and corruption of the agencies put in place to protect public health. It’s clear this is not about protecting public health rather protecting Big Pharma by granting permanent liability protection. With the addition of this vaccine to the childhood schedule there will be zero recourse for the injured moving forward.”

Steve Kirsch, a tech entrepreneur turned anti-vaxxer, claimed that he personally tried to reach out to the chair of ACIP, Stanford Professor Dr. Grace Lee, and present her with data from Israel showing the vaccines are not safe. Dr. Lee was not interested. It also appears that all the other members of ACIP are not interested in any data that questions the conventional vaccine narrative.

Many countries have quietly removed the requirement for vaccines for children including Sweden.  A Swedish health official stated, “With the knowledge we have today, with a low risk for serious disease for kids, we don’t see any clear benefit with vaccinating them.” This approach appears to be a sound decision based on scientific data.

Although the recommendation from ACIP does not specifically mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for children, most public-school systems will universally adopt the entire CDC childhood schedule, making it a compulsory condition for attendance. It is hard to believe, but the powers that be are willing to sacrifice the health and well-being of small children to protect themselves from liability.

It is imperative that parents begin to mobilize and reach out to superintendents and boards at their local school districts. Demand that the Covid-19 vaccine be removed from the list of mandatory inoculations. If your efforts fail, pull your kids from the public-school system and begin home schooling. This may entail a great sacrifice, but your children are worth it.

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